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Isahara, Hitoshi

Affiliation Center for IT-Based Education (CITE)
Title Project Professor
Fields of Research Computational Linguistics
Degree Ph.D in Engineering
Academic Societies Association for Natural Language Processing, Information Processing Society of Japan
E-mail isahara@imc
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We investigate linguistic phenomena which is one of key function of human intelligence, and create language processing system by computer.

Theme1:Research on Creative Information Retrieval


We investigate "Creative Information Retrieval" which assist human association. We extract semantic relations among words from lexicons and documents, and create conceptual network which enables to simulate human association process.


Concept Hierarchy, Lexical Semantics, Information Retrieval, Association Support

Theme2:Research on Multilingual Information Outbound


We are developing three approaches for making machine translation practical; i.e. simplifying the Japanese source text, extracting and listing salient expressions and their equivalents in a document and enhancing the post-editing process. This study is important from both a business perspective and an academic perspective.


Machine Translation, Information Outbound, Service Engineering

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