Club Activities

In Toyohashi University of Technology, there are various students circles, and some of them are famous in Japan, such as TUT ROBOCON Team, which won Japanese championship in 2009 and 2008, and second prize in 2010.

Here is the list of our students' circles.

Student Executive Committees

Student Council Promote and organize events to bring additional excitement to TUT !!
General Club Council We would like to support club activities.
TUT-Festival Executive Committee TUT festival Executive Committee is the organiation that making TUT festival !

Athletic Circules

Soccer Club Play with us!!
Triathlon Club The triathlon competes for swim, bike and run. Also, some of our members participate in marathon and road races. Our members are not only beginners but also near to a professional levels. You! Would you like to challenge our limits?
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Rugby Football Club No worry, we are playing rugby.
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Track and Field Club Welcome everyone from beginners to experienced!
If you want to make your school life more enjoyable, join our club.
Baseball Club All members have an ambition and enjoy playing baseball.
Even if you are beginners, do not worry we practice from basic.
Baseball-loving person please come to visit!
Soft-Baseball Club

Let's play baseball! If you are interested, please visit to baseball field! Beginners are also welcome.

Karate Club We welcome beginners and practice karate according to every person's skills on Mon. & Thu.. We practice karate under the guidance of a coach on Sun.
So let's become a robust one.
Kendo Club (Japanese fencing) We practice in material art gym of the second floor of gymnasium on every Tue. & Fri..
We are biginners and an experienced person big welcome. Please come to have a look!
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Judo Club Our club is practicing for the purpose of pleasant and worthwhile judo.
Beginners are welcome!
Please come to see once by all means.
Table tennis Club Let's play table tennis together.
Basketball Club If you give up, game is over. Let's enjoy basketball with us!!
Badminton Club We always practice merrily. So you can participate in our circle even if you are a beginner. We welcome people who want to play badminton!
Volleyball Club Do you wanna play volleyball ?
There is no problem even if you have any age, sex, nationality ! We have woman and international student members. We are also recruiting manager !
During summer we also play in beach!
Futsal Club Enjoy and progress futsal!
Budo Club (Japanese old martial arts) Would you like to become physically and mentally strong in your new college life? If you join us, you can make it! We welcome both with and without experience. For lady, you don't have to worry, bacause we have a female coach and female members too. Please come to have a look.
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International Students of Sports Club Deepen the relationship and communication between the internatilanl students through a variety of sports football, futsal and badminton.
Swimming Club Biginners are welcome!
Let's swim together!
Tennis Club You can play tennis day and night with night game equipment. Beginners are welcome!
Soft Tennis Club We welcome beginners and we always practice in a pleasant friendly atmosphere.
Kyudo Club (Japanese archery) Kyudo is the Martial arts to fight yourself. We coach beginners very politely.
Surfing Club Welcome to Surf town TOYOHASHI!
We're waited by sea and wave. Can't live without surfing!
Motor Sports Club One of the few on campus groups of car lovers.
Let's extend a wheel of the car lovers!
Bowling Club We have wide range members, from beginners to advanced (about Av100-200). We gather and practice to improve our technique. In addition, after becoming a comes to member of lwaya Cannon bowl, it is possible to play bowling in every Thu. for free!
Handball Club Enjoy handball

Cultural Circules

DANCE CIRCLE gille workers You are impressed!
Do you have a Street Soul? Baby?
Juggling ciecle Jagdaralin Enjoy juggling with everyone!
TUT Robocon Club Our objective is to win the NHK Robocon and go to the world competition. To accomplish this, we work hard every day.
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TUT FORMULA Touch technologies and feel it your body
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A cappella Circle J.U.S.T. Join Us! & Sing Together !
Analog Game Club We love Game !
Mahjong Club Let's play Mahjong!!
The Arts and Sciences This is a cultural club such as photos, literature, theater, art, Lego, and music technology.
Modeling Club (TuT) Let's enjoy modeling together!
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International Exchange Club Language is not matter!!
Communicate with your heart!! Join us!!
The Tea Crermony Club "Ochanokai" Let's enjoy Ocha!
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Shogi Club (Japanese chess) Martial arts of Brain, this is Shogi !
This is the best Mind Sports ! Let's join us ! and enjoy it !
Animation & Comic Society Want to draw a picture. Want to talk about comics and animation.
This club is recommended for people who like that!
TUT Popular Music Club D7sus4 Enjoy Music !!!
Computer Club Let's talk about programming !!
JAZZ Club Let's Session!
Wind Orchestra Let's play music with us ♪ Let's have fun!!
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Toyohashi Sunday School We are volunteer club. Our main activity is to play games or making crafts with handicapped children once a month.
Motorcycle Club We tour once a month. Whether you own your motorcycles or not, if you are interested in, please participate by all means. Let's spend a happy motorcycle life together.
Volunteer circle Would you like to work as a volunteer?
Toyohashi Architecture Circle TYACC Let's enjoy architecture.
- Here is the thing which cannot learn by the class -

*For more information of students' clubs, please ask Student Affairs Division.

contact gakusei@office
*Please append "" to the end of the address above.

University Festival

The highlight of students' event is held in October.
It is so called TUT Festival, Gikadai-sai.
There are many stalls, orchestra and band music, rab tour, comedian, famous singer etc.,

Other information

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