President's Message

Aiming to Be A Scintillating Technical University that Will Lead the World

―Creating a Vibrant University that Contributes to Society―


Toyohashi University of Technology (TUT) seeks to contribute to society through the facilitation of top-level educational programs and research. TUT encourages students to nurture a spirit respecting the freedom of thought and expression and always proactively working to improve, while at the same time it works to develop individuals able to look at things from both the long-term and short-term perspectives. It wishes to develop students that view issues comprehensively from diverse perspectives instead of just from one perspective, in a core-searching way without concern for unimportant details -- individuals who have a strong future-oriented mindset, and who contribute to society by expanding the possibilities of technology and science.

TUT was established with the mission of unraveling technology from scientific perspectives and facilitating education and research in technological science, a study with a focus on the development of more advanced technologies and the systematic organization of technologies. Going forward, while respecting social diversity and strengthening partnerships with local communities and industries, TUT will seek to admit students who are skilled creators and further strengthen its educational programs on cross-sectional and advanced CPS (cyber physical systems) technologies such as sensing, IoT/AI and robotics, as well as the areas it has conventionally specialized in. Through these efforts, it aims to become one of the top-rated universities focused on technology in the world in practical research and the social implementation of new technologies.

To build on the activities TUT has engaged in since its establishment, it formulated the TUT Plan 2021 focused on five challenges. In addition, TUT, as a partner in the Top Global University Project, will facilitate digital transformation and move forward with globalization efforts going forward such as the active admission of foreign exchange students and encouraging students to study overseas while also facilitating an optimized hybrid implementation of online and face-to-face educational programs even amid the new normal created by the COVID-19 pandemic. It will also work actively on the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by addressing common issues shared by people globally with an eye toward the creation of a secure and safe society.

Providing liberal arts education, including the study of sociology and the humanities, in addition to science technology and engineering knowledge is crucial in the development of innovative human resources that open the way to the future. TUT provides this education through its undergraduate departments and graduate school. Liberal arts, which are considered the starting point of all studies regardless of whether they are in humanities or science, help students develop creative ideas in conjunction with the application of basic and applied technological science. Further, TUT actively promotes and supports partnerships with the National Institute of Technology (KOSEN), international collaboration, industry-academia collaboration, and extracurricular activities, to focus efforts on the development of tough minded, creative people.

No university can operate without students or faculty. TUT has been doing everything it can to maintain and improve its environment to ensure that its students and faculty vibrantly engage in activities every day to achieve their dreams and desires, and the goals of their studies and activities.

TUT will facilitate local needs-oriented collaboration and contribution to local communities while at the same time innovating through partnerships with many parties globally. By doing so, it seeks to create a university that is capable of changing the world through technological science and contributing to society. Your continued support and guidance is very much appreciated.

Kazuhiko Terashima
Toyohashi University of Technology

1982 Completed PhD at Kyoto University Graduate School (Doctor of Engineering)
April 1994 Professor, Toyohashi University of Technology
April 2012 Vice President, Toyohashi University of Technology (until March 2018)
April 2018 Director/Vice President, Toyohashi University of Technology (until March 2020)
April 2020 President, Toyohashi University of Technology
Ale for students ~A Massage from President Terashima~

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