University seal and logo

University seal


As part of the 20th anniversary commemoration, a contest open to the public was held to select the design for a new university seal. Using our University initials (T.U.T.) as a motif, this seal energetically expresses the vitality and freshness of our students' efforts in research and practical innovation in the form of cresting waves.

University logo


This logo was designed in such a way as to capture the philosophy and goals of our university. It is used in a variety of formats as a core element of our visual communications.
The concept of the logo's design is "Striving together to provide an education that supports global industry". The shape is comprised of two interlocking 'Ts' in red and black, which stand for Toyohashi and Technology. The red expresses "foundation" and "humanity" and the black represents "expertise" and "technical capability". The overlapping design of the Ts is intended to express the way in which the nurturing of excellent human resources will support world industry. The Logo also conveys sincerity toward education as well as dependability.


[Date Created]13 Nov 2023 / [Date Updated]13 Nov 2023

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