Twinning Program 2024

Application for admission in 2024 fall semester

Based on the Cooperative agreements, Master's course students of Universitas Hasanuddin (UNHAS), Indonesia, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Malaysia, are able to complete their master's course in Toyohashi University of Technology.

The application guide 2024:

Basic ideas of Twinning program

Course duration:

This program consists initial course for one year in student's home institution, then followed by the succeeding course at Toyohashi University of Technology for one year. Students are requested to take classes and acquire credits at their home institution in the first half of this program, then students will concentrate on their research and the thesis work at Toyohashi University of Technology in the latter half of this program.
*Additional credits may be requested for the completion for Master's degree in Japan.

Degree conferred:

The Master Degree (Master of engineering) will be conferred by Toyohashi University of Technology on a candidate who has successfully completed all course requirements.

The application documents for Twinning Program

・ Application Form for Admission in Twinning Program [download]
・ Research plan in detail [download]
・ Letter of recommendation [download]


[Date Created]30 Jan 2020 / [Date Updated]1 Feb 2024

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