Japanese Government Scholarship (University Recommendation) : General

Japanese Government (MONBUKAGAKUSHO:MEXT) Scholarship (University Recommendation) 2024


Application Guidelines

For details, please refer to the following guidelines.

Please note that there are several requirements for applicants, described as "Qualifications and Conditions" in the guidelines. The applicants must satisfy all of these qualifications and conditions.

Applicants can not apply for the special category at the same time.

Number of Candidates to be recommended by TUT to MEXT : 2

Application procedure

1. Check application qualification and conditions
2. Find your prospective supervisor
There are so many inquiries to our faculty members.
Please carefully check the field of research, etc., and make polite inquiries to the supervisors you wish to be accepted.
Please refrain from sending emails to many faculty members at once.

After confirming that you satisfy all the necessary qualifications and conditions, please look for your prospective supervisor from Department Information and Faculty Members List and contact them to consult about your research objectives. You must get the copy of the "Letter of Acceptance" from the supervisor to apply for the scholarship. The template format can be downloaded only by the supervisor.

Please Note: The university administration office will not introduce the supervisors to applicants, and it is very important to communicate directly with your supervisor well in advance.

3. Submit application documents

Send all required documents by e-mail to the email address below.

Application documents sent to;

International Student Section
Student Affairs Division Office
Toyohashi University of Technology

Email: ryugaku@office (Please add "" to the end of the address.)

Application deadline

December 27, 2023 (Japan Time)

Required documents

  1. The copy of the Letter of the acceptance (Only prospective supervisors of TUT can download the format. )
  2. 2024 Application form for Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship【MEXT_application_form_general
  3. Field of Study and Research Plan【MEXT_study_plan_general
  4. Official Academic Transcripts from both undergraduate and graduate schools (Originals or Certified copies)
  5. Certificate of Graduation or Provisional Certificate from both undergraduate and graduate schools (Originals or Certified copies)
  6. Publication list for MEXT Scholarship Application【MEXT_publication_list
  7. Abstract of Thesis (if completed) or a description of your thesis research in progress
  8. Proof of high performance or good achievement record
  9. Recommendation Letter
  10. Photograph
  11. Certificate of language proficiency
  12. CV (Any Format but, it must include all of your academic and employment history.)
  13. Photocopy of your passport
  14. Declaration sheet for MEXT Scholarship Application【MEXT_declaration_general
  15. Check list of documents for Japanese Government Scholarship【MEXT_ms_check
  16. Academic Performance Entry Sheet【ap_entry_sheet

Schedule of Selection for 2024 (Tentative)

2023/12/27 Deadline for Japanese Government(MEXT)Scholarship Application in TUT
2024/03 Applicants will be notified of the screening results of MEXT scholarship by TUT
2024/05 Application deadline for International Master's/Doctoral Degree Program *Please note that the website will be updated at around the end of January 2024.
2024/06 Candidate of MEXT scholarship will be notified of the MEXT decision
2024/10/01 Enrollment as a Research student or Regular student of International Master's/Doctoral Degree Program


  1. 受入内諾書(学内限定グーグルサイト)
  2. 安全保障輸出管理【学内ページ

For inquiries, please contact

Address Student Affairs Division
Toyohashi University of Technology
1-1 Hibarigaoka, Tempaku-cho, Toyohashi, 441-8580, Japan
E-mail ryugaku@office
*Please add "" at the end of the email address.

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