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Mizutani, Akihiro

Affiliation Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering
Title Associate Professor
Fields of Research Architectural Design / Architectural Planning/ Urban Design
Degree Ph.D.(Shibaura Institute of Technology)
Academic Societies Architectural Institute of Japan, The Architectural Design Association of Nippon (ADAN) , JAPANESE SOCIETY FOR THE SCIENCE OF DESIGN
E-mail mizutani@ace
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I am working extensively in the research and the practice related to architecture and urban design and planning. In particular, I am focusing on the research and the practice on "digital design" which is noted as a new design method in the field of architectural design.

My current main themes are the following three. I am trying to organize architectural design informatics from historical analysis of computational designs. In addition, I focus on the research which explores its possibilities through the practice of design activities and development of digital design method.

On the other hand, I am working on the research on redesign mainly for public buildings and public spaces. In addition to theoretical research about existing public buildings and public spaces, I am doing practical projects which perform from implementation design to renovation with my students.

Theme1:Study on "Architectural Design Informatics"


This research theme focuses on the arrangement of computer utilization projects which was introduced from the 1960s in the architectural design field. It also approaches to clarify its theoretical framework by analyzing it historically. Focusing especially on the philosophy of computer use in the early period, the research tackles to clarify the significance of its application today. By structuring them as "Architectural Design Informatics", we aim to make relativization of the development of computational design method that is becoming mainstream recently and to generalize it as an architectural design theory.


Design theory, Architectural design

Theme2:Study on computational design

A chair made through digital fabrication

In this research theme, we mainly develop the following digital design method. (1) Design proposal / consensus forming building tool using VR head mounted display (2) Using digital fabrication tool for manufacturing, (3) Design tool which can utilize various simulations such as structural analysis and urban forming. In addition to the development of design tools of such a new approach, we analyzes how the design and the result of planning changed through the process using these tools and we are discussing what effect it has in design proposals and forming consensus.


VR, Simulation, Digital fabrication

Theme3:Study on Redesign of public space

Recent work(Startup Garage).

In this research theme, we analyze and examine how to redesign existing public buildings and spaces against anticipated social changes including population declines. Through the development of method that is not only complementing imperfections of existing spaces such as maintenance and renovation of facilities, it tries to optimize the gap between existing space or situation and future vision. In addition to the theoretical research approaches such as surveys on actual situation of public space use and analysis of refurbishment methods, we also focuses on the research through practical projects which perform from design to construction.


Redesign, Renovation, Public space design

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