Research Students

We accept a candidate who has an earnest desire to study in the special field as a research student in our university, as far as our fields fit to his/her research of study after screening the application documents.

1. Qualifications

Students who had graduated from university in his/her country or those who fulfils our school regulations of article No 42 (about the eligibility of applicants to our graduate school of engineering) are eligible to apply for Research student at Toyohashi University of Technology.

*If you wish to take research guidance in Japanese, you need to have Japanese language proficiency level equivalent to 280 points on "Japanese as a Foreign Language," Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU). We recommend students to have 1st class on Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT N-1).
If you wish to take research guidance in English, you need to have enough English communication skills (TOEIC: 590, TOEFL(iBT): 61, TOEFL(PBT): 500, IELTS: 5.5 or above is recommendable.)

2. Application Procedures

Applicants must get acceptance from a prospective supervisor beforehand, and submit application documents to Educational Affairs Division of Toyohashi University of Technology before the due dates below. Applicants must pay evaluation fee 9,800 yen after receiving the instruction for paying it from Educational Affairs Division. The evaluation fee cannot be returned, once correctly received.

Those wishing to enter in April 30 November
Those wishing to enter in October 31 May

*Basically, the month of enrolment is the beginning of each semester, but we can accept the application as following schedule.

Month of Entrance Apr May Jun Jul Aug
Application period 30 Nov
25 Dec 31 Jan 28 Feb 31 Mar
Month of Entrance Sep Oct Dec Jan
Application period 30 Apr 31 May
31 Jul 31 Aug

*Deadline is in the end of each month. Please be mindful of the deadline for October entrance.

3. Application Documents

Applicants must get acceptance from a prospective supervisor and read "the Notes for making Research Student Application documents" carefully.

Application documents for admission:

  1. Application for Research Student [download]
  2. Research Plan [download]
  3. Confirmation for Defraying Expenses [download]
  4. Transcript issued by the last school (Originals or Certified copies)
  5. Certificate of graduation or prospective graduation by the last school (Originals or Certified copies)
  6. Letter of Recommendation to the prospective supervisor from the last school (from your supervisor, etc).
  7. Acknowledgment of Absence [download]
    *Only currently taking a job and will become Research Student of Toyohashi University of Technology while belonging to the company should submit this
  8. Evaluation fee, 9,800 yen (*Please pay after receiving the instruction from Educational Affais Division.)[Click here for the payment information]
  9. Application Form for Student ID Card [download]
    *If you cannot fill in Japanese (Katakana) name, please put International Phonetic Alphabet instead.
  10. Pledge [download]

Documents for your visa:

*Please see and download forms from this page.

  1. Application form for Certificate of Eligibility (Please send by Email first)
  2. Photocopy of your passport or certificate of you citizenship
  3. 2 photographs (3×4cm)
  4. Financial certificate


  1. Application check-sheet [download]

Notes for Making Research Student Application Documents

1. Application form and Study plan
  1. Use the prescribed forms.
  2. Follow the instructions in the prescribed forms.
  3. Fill in the forms in Japanese or in English.
  4. Use Arabic figures for numbers.
  5. Proper nouns should be formally spelled out and not shortened.
  6. Paste a passport-size photo taken within past 6 months in the provided place.
    It should be a frontal uncovered view.
    (Write your name and nationality in block letters on the back of the photo.)
2. Study Plan in Detail
  1. Fill in the form in Japanese or in English and use Arabic figures for numbers.
  2. Proper nouns should be formally spelled out and not shortened.
  3. Mention the field of study in the past, publication list (if any), too.
3. Transcripts and Certificate of graduation or prospective graduation

Submit copies of diplomas and official transcripts issued by the institution you have been most recently graduated from.

*This verification documents can be used as the application documents for the regular course (Master's and Doctoral Course).

4. Letter of recommendation

A4 size, but no specific form. The letter must be addressed to the prospective supervisor.

5. Acknowledgement of Absence from supervisor in your company
  1. Only those currently taking a job and will become Research Student of Toyohashi Tech while belonging to the company should submit this.
  2. Use the form prescribed by the university.
6. Documents certifying sufficient funds for all expenses
  1. Use the prescribed form
  2. In cases that the expenses will be paid by other than the applicants, proof documents certifying the income of the person and reason (relationship) why he can pay for are required.
7. Other notes
  1. All documents should be typed in Japanese or in English on A4 size paper.
    If the certificate is issued in other language, English or Japanese translation must be attached.
  2. Copies of articles or thesis are not needed for application.
  3. Submitted documents will not be returned.

4. Method of screening and admission

Successful applicants whose application documents are screened through the deliberation council will be admitted to enter Toyohashi University of Tecnology subject to the payment of admission fee at the time of enrolment.

5. Period of Research Student

Study duration as a non-degree research student is basically within a year.
Those who wish to continue to study can be research students exceptionally up to for another year after obtaining the consent from the supervisor and getting permission of the president of TUT.
*Visa might not be extended for Research Student after the two years passed.

6. Application for Certificate of Eligibility

TUT will apply for the Certificate of Eligibility to the Immigration instead of the applicants.
Please submit Application form for Certificate of Eligibility by email to us before sending original documents.

It takes about one month to be issued, and once it is issued, we will send it to the applicant together with the Notice of Acceptance by EMS.
When you receive the Certificate of Eligibility, it is now your turn to go to the nearest Japanese Embassy or Consulate General of Japan with them to apply for your Student Visa.

If you are already staying in Japan and have some kind of visa status, please change your status to "Student Visa" by yourself, with the Notice of Acceptance.
*Basically, you cannot change your visa status from "Temporary Visa" into "College Student Visa."

7. Fees to Enrol

  1. Admission fee: 84,600 yen
  2. Tuition fee: 29,700 yen/ month (356,400 yen/ year)
  • Tuition fee must be paid before the beginning of each semester.
  • These fees cannot be returned, once correctly received.
  • Students must prepare those fees above plus expenses for your daily lives. Those wishing to go on to the Master's course or Doctoral course after the period of Research student must prepare the admission fee and tuition fee for the courses, too.

8. Other Important Reminder

a) Accommodation

Self-financing Research Students cannot apply for the university dormitories. You must find apartment by yourself. University can be your guarantor by joining the special insurance program.

b) Scholarship and financial support

There is no scholarship program for Research Student. No admission/ tuition fees exemption neither.

c) Fees to go on to the Regular courses

Examination fee 30,000 yen
Admission fee 282,000 yen
Tuition fee 535,800 yen/ year

*Students of regular courses may apply for University's Student Dormitory.

d) About this English translation

This English translation is made for applicants' convenience only. English translation does not change the sentences of Japanese originals.

9. Contact

Contact Educational Affairs Division
Toyohashi University of Technology
Address 1-1 Hibarigaoka, Tempaku, Toyohashi 441-8580 Japan
E-mail kikcho@office
*Please append "" to the end of the address above.

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