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Architecture and Civil Engineering

Educating professional engineers in order to maintain safe and high-quality living environments

The Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering is a new academic field which actively implements elements of social sciences and humanities while integrating the conventional academic fields of architecture and civil engineering. Further, there is an educational program provided to develop engineers with mastery of the above technique.

In terms of research fields, we cover the two core areas of "architecture and urban design" and "urban and regional management", and our goal is to promote research of design and management. Furthermore, in order to provide society with a high quality living environment that is both safe and secure, we design urban and regional architecture and civil infrastructure as well as the natural environment while at the same time researching the technology to manage them.

In the educational field, our curriculum focuses on the the basic research necessary for sustainable development of cities and regions as well as the more creative research for generating new value for future society., In this way, we aim to foster international, pragmatic, and creative engineers who are equipped with expertise in the fields of architecture & social foundation as well as the design and management capacity to utilize their skills.

In addition, in collaboration with the Research Center for Collaborative Area Risk Management, we are also aiming to foster international engineers who can contribute to the design and management of sustainable social systems that are also safe, secure, and pleasant under the themes of BCP and disaster prevention.

Fields of Study

  • Architecture and Urban Design
  • Urban and Regional Management


  • Architecture and Building Science Course
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering Course

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