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Electrical and Electronic Information Engineering

Humans, Earth, and eECo Future

The Department of Electrical and Electronic Information Engineering comprises 4 fields: electronic materials, electrical systems, integrated electronics, and information and communication systems.

This department conducts education and research in the following wide range of fields:

  1. Electronic materials - Developmental technologies for various new materials are utilized to develop magnetic hologram applications, nanophotonic devices, high-performance hybrid materials, etc.
  2. Electrical systems: In this field we develop technology to create, transport, store, and utilize the next generation of electrical energy. In addition we develop the relevant integrated application technology.
  3. Integrated electronics: In this field we develop opto-electronic devices, smart sensors, biosensors, MEMS, etc., using semiconductor manufacturing facilities in which design, manufacturing, and evaluation are integrated.
  4. Information and communication systems: We work on developing high frequency circuits, communication systems, and signal processing for wireless information and energy transmission, as well as high-speed processing and security technologies.

Pioneering, advanced engineers equipped with a wide vision and comprehensive cognitive ability are developed through our unique spiral curriculum system of education which spans from undergraduate to doctoral courses in graduate schools. In this way, curricula are tailor-made to fit the compatibility and goals of individual students. As a result,our students graduate with a mastery of cutting-edge electrical and electronic information engineering, prioritizing practicality and cutting-edge technology. Also, we closely collaborate with the Electronics-Inspired Interdisciplinary Research Institute (EIIRIS) and unique educational programs.

Our university strives to offer a world-class education and research that benefit the international community and expand the dreams and hopes of humanity.

*eECo (Electrical, Electronic, and Communications)
* Type One Electrical Chief Engineer accreditation curriculum

Fields of Study

  • Electronic Materials
  • Electrical Systems
  • Integrated Electronics
  • Information and Communication Systems


  • Electronic Materials Course
  • Electrical Systems Course
  • Integrated Electronics Course
  • Information and Communication System Course

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