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Scholarship and Financial Support

1. Scholarship and student loan

More than 80 percent of international students in Toyohashi Tech receive some kind of scholarships, and concentrate on their study and research.
International applicants are able to apply Japanese Government Scholarship, JICA scholarship, JDS program, Aichi Scholarship program before coming to Japan. International students of Toyohashi Tech are also able to apply private-funded scholarship after coming to Japan. However, the scholarships are not sufficient for all international students. We recommend international students to prepare necessary funding themselves. Nowadays, more and more international students get their scholarships in their countries. One reason of high success ratio of scholarship is, of course, our international students are very much motivated and talented, and second reason is that, our university is very unique national university.

Japanese Government Scholarship, JICA scholarship, JDS program, Aichi Scholarship program student

For those scholarships, international applicants apply before coming to Japan. Please refer to other materials and our web page ( You can also contact Japanese embassy or JICA office in your country for scholarship information. Eligible nation for JICA scholarship, JDS program and Aichi Scholarship program is limited.

Scholarship from private-fund

Many private scholarship funds are available for Toyohashi Tech students. The details and eligibilities are different from each other, but most of them support monthly from 50,000 yen to 140,000 yen.

Honors Scholarships for Privately-Financed International Students

Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) offers "Honors scholarships" by its selection for privately-financed international students at universities, graduate schools who display excellence in their academic work and character and who are recognized to be in need of economic assistance during their stay in Japan.

Monthly Stipend 48,000 yen/month

Honors Scholarship for First-year "Global Technology Architects Course (GAC)"

The candidate who applies for first-year GAC can apply for this scholarship along with the entrance application.

Student loan

Students of our university are able to borrow up to 150,000 yen without any interest from Toyohashi Tech Association of International Student Support. This debt must be paid back within 6 month.

2. Exemption and postponement of tuition and admission fee

Regular students who enroll Toyohashi Tech in April may apply for tuition and admission fee exemption, and regular students who enroll Toyohashi Tech in October may apply for tuition exemption.
But both students can apply for the postponement of payment.

Applications should be submitted separately for each of the first and second terms. University will review the application and the exemptions of all or half of the tuition fee for the first or second term might be awarded accordingly. Submission of an application does not guarantee that the exemption will be granted.
Non-regular students are not eligible for tuition exemption.

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