トピックス | 2020年10月 2日

Congratulatory Address on admission to TUT.

Friday, October 2nd, 2020
Kazuhiko Terashima
President, Toyohashi University of Technology

Kazuhiko Terashima
President, Toyohashi University of Technology

Aiming to Become a World-Leading "Shining Technical University"
- Contributing to Society and Creating a Vibrant University -

The university was established with the mission of teaching and researching technical science, which is a field for developing new technologies by exploring the science that supports technology. While respecting social diversity and strengthening cooperation with local communities and industry, we aim to become a world-class technical university in practical research and social implementation of technology.

What is the mission of education and research in technical science?
Simply put, it means "producing excellent students," "creating excellent research results," and "contributing to the local and international communities." For that purpose, it is necessary to improve the environment so that the faculty members and students of the university, which are the source of vitality, can work energetically. Only with full of vitality and high aspirations of mission can we create technological science and develop human resources that will change the world. The university accepts students who are good at manufacturing, and in addition to the conventional specialized fields, it will further strengthen cross-cutting and advanced CPS (Cyber Physical Systems) technologies such as sensing, IoT / AI, and robotics for education and research. We will take on the challenge of building a world-leading "shining technical university".

In order to further develop activities since its establishment, we have created the "TUT Plan 2020" with the five challenges of "Creating intellectual and technical science that contributes to the formation of society",
"Cultivating young human resources and improving the vitality of education and research through attractive personnel systems.", "Realization of multicultural coexistence and global campus", "Development of human resources to create innovation through technological science", and "Strengthening research capabilities by establishing diverse research support and flagship research". As a school implementing the Top Super Global University Project, we are steadily showing the achievements we have made so far, and we will continue to accelerate globalization by actively accepting international students and dispatching students overseas. Currently, we welcome about 300 international students from overseas, while about 100 Japanese students from our university are doing internships and studying abroad. 65% of the lectures are bilingual lessons in both English and Japanese. In addition, there is a global house on campus, and 160 students stay in a share house where 5 people live together, and hold various events such as regular exchange meetings with the community to build a global campus for multicultural coexistence.

Unfortunately, from this spring until now, covid-19 infections are prevalent all over the world. It is said that it will continue for a year or two, and the issue is how to live in the era of with coronavirus and post coronavirus. We are fighting the new coronavirus every day. Due to globalization, the new coronavirus quickly spread everywhere in the world. Now that SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) activities are becoming more active, it will be necessary for humans to focus on coronavirus countermeasures from their respective standpoints. What can you do now?  Think deeply for yourself.
We humans are at stake now, but we can turn it into a chance. For example, in the coronavirus era, the use of information technology (IT) will rapidly increase, making our lives more convenient.
Of course, the university will endeavor to encourage you to study as usual during the time of With Coronavirus. In the semester from this fall, both distance lectures and face-to-face lectures will be mixed. Experiments and small group lectures are conducted face-to-face. We will also prepare on-demand lectures to help you prepare and review. Allow time for students and teachers to interact regularly. In addition, the university plans to promote communication between students and extracurricular activities. Based on the knowledge gained from my reflection and experience in this spring's semester, I will do my utmost to ensure high quality education, research, and student life. There is no problem with international students who are already at our university, but international students who are still in their home countries and cannot come to our university will stay in touch with their homeroom teachers and academic advisors through online lectures, two-way online calls, and emails for a while. It will be. Information will be posted on the WEB at the same time as the Japanese version as much as possible in the English version. Also, please enjoy the messages of the faculty members and the lectures of the president for students. Please do not rush when you continue to wait at home overseas. Lectures can be taken online, and experiments can be taken intensively after coming to university. If you need communication equipment for financial reasons, the university will support you, so please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always close to and with our students.

In addition, talent may bloom in such free time. That's what scientist Isaac Newton says. He is a scientist who has made many historical discoveries such as the discovery of the law of universal gravitation, the calculus method, and the spectrum analysis of light, and is famous for his apple experiments. 1665, when the plague was epidemic. Newton, a world-class scientist, said that the University of Cambridge, which he attended, was temporarily closed and returned to his parents' home in the suburbs. During the two-year closure, Newton saw the falling apple and discovered the law of universal gravitation. Later, Newton called this plague leave period a "creative vacation." Human senses may be sharpened in extraordinary time and space without routines. Not everyone will work this way, but take this opportunity to discover more new things that you usually can't find. Also, consider techniques for applying coronavirus protection. It's a good chance for you. Because your technology can be dedicated to everyone, not just you. Take pride in being a TUT student and contribute to the world of the present and future.

Congratulations to all of you for admission to our university. I pray that enrollment in this university will be a wonderful life for you, and congratulate you.



― 社会に貢献し元気な大学を作る ―


 さて、技術科学における教育・研究の使命とは何でしょう。簡単に言えば、「優秀な 学生を輩出する」「優れた研究成果を創出する」「地域・国際社会に貢献する」ことです。そのためには、活力源である本学の教職員、学生が元気で活動できるように環境の整備をする必要があります。溢れる活力と高い使命の志を持ってこそ、世界を変えるような技術科学の創出や人材育成ができます。本学はモノづくりの得意な学生を受け入れ、従来の専門分野に加え、今後ますます、センシング、IoT/AI、ロボットなど横断的かつ先進的なCPS(Cyber Physical Systems)技術を強化し、教育・研究で世界をリードする"きらりと光る工科系大学"の構築に挑戦していきます。

 設立以来の活動を更に発展させるため、「多文化共生・グローバルキャンパスの実現」「技術科学によるイノベーション創出人材育成」「多様な研究支援とフラグシップ研究 の確立による研究力の強化」「安全・安心な社会の形成に資する知・技術科学の創出」「魅力ある人事システムによる若手人材育成と教育・研究の活力向上」の5つの挑戦を内容とした、"TUTプラン2020"を作成しました。本学は、スーパーグローバル大学創成支援事業の実施校として、これまでの成果も着実に表れており、今後も留学生の積極的な受入れと学生の海外派遣など、グローバル化を加速させていきます。現在本学には、海外から約300名の留学生を迎え、一方、本学からは、約100名の日本人学生がインターンシップや留学をしております。
さて、残念ながら今春から今まで、世界中で新型コロナウイルス感染症が流行しています。まだ1、2年は続くと言われ、ウイズコロナ、ポストコロナの時代をどのように生きていくかが課題となっています。私たちは毎日、新型コロナウイルスと戦っています。 グローバリゼーションにより、新型コロナウイルスは急速に世界中に広がりました。 SDGs(持続可能な開発目標)の活動が活発化している今、人間はそれぞれの立場から新型コロナウイルス感染症対策に力を注ぐことが必要でしょう。 あなたは今何ができますか? 自分で深く考えてください。


なお、このような自由な時間にこそ、才能が開花するのかもしれません。そう思わせるのが、科学者アイザック・ニュートンの話です。万有引力の法則の発見や微積分法、光のスペクトル分析など多くの歴史的発見を成し遂げた科学者で、リンゴの実験で有名ですね。ペストの流行があった1665年、世界的科学者のニュートンは、通っていた英国ケンブリッジ大学が一時休校となり郊外にある実家に戻っていたそうです。実に2年間に及んだ休校中に、ニュートンは落ちるリンゴを見て万有引力の法則を発見。のちに、このペストによる休校期間を、ニュートンは「創造的休暇」と呼んだそうです。ルーティンがなく、非日常の時間と空間で、人の感覚は研ぎ澄まされるのかもしれません。このように皆が皆、うまくいくとは限りませんが、この機会に、あなたが通常見つけることができない、より多くの新しいものを発見してください。 また、コロナウイルス対策を適用するための技術を検討してください。 それはあなたにとって良いチャンスです。 あなたのテクノロジーはあなただけでなく、すべての人に捧げることができるからです。本学の学生であることを誇りに思って、現在と未来の世界に貢献してください。