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The Charter of TUT

The Charter of Toyohashi University of Technology

Toyohashi University of Technology (Toyohashi Tech) was established in 1976 to respond to the societal need to foster practical, creative engineers and cultivate qualified individuals who would show initiative and display leadership abilities. With this guiding philosophy, Toyohashi Tech focused largely on recruiting graduates of technical colleges.

In implementing this mission, Toyohashi Tech has overseen a comprehensive program involving education and research in technology. Correspondingly, Toyohashi Tech has produced a great number of highly skilled engineers and researchers who have made valuable contributions to academic life while also contributing to society through technological development and industry-academic cooperation.

The Charter of Toyohashi Tech enshrines this philosophy and its objectives as a guide for those who work here to encourage us to build on our achievements, taking advantage of our strengths and unique traits to make further advances.

Fundamental Principle

The mission of Toyohashi Tech is to provide education and research in technological science and further technological innovation by exploring the science behind the technology. Based on this mission, we target students who are graduates of technical colleges and high schools for admission into our program as well as emphasizing graduate studies. We strive to foster engineers and researchers who are practical, creative, demonstrate initiative and leadership skills, and who can undertake groundbreaking research. Furthermore, Toyohashi Tech respects social diversity and endeavors to strengthen cooperation with the local community. Through these efforts, we aim to define ourselves as a top-class engineering university that is opened to the world.

[Educational Objectives]

Though education in science and technology, Toyohashi Tech shall foster pioneering, practical and creative engineers and researchers who are imbued with a rich sense of humanity, global awareness and desire to live in harmony with nature.

[Research Objectives]

Toyohashi Tech shall create an environment for the mastery of technology and lead the way in cutting-edge research that promotes innovation in industry and society.

[Internationalization Objectives]

As a university opened to the world, Toyohashi Tech shall promote international exchange opportunities for our students and faculty through activities such as exchange agreements and the utilization of our overseas educational research centers. We aim to realize a global campus that is a hub for technological research internationally.

[Social Contribution and Cooperation Objectives]

Toyohashi Tech shall make broad use of technological advances in cooperation with various organizations to serve our part in solving the challenges facing society and contribute to the revitalization of local communities.

[University Administration Objectives]

Toyohashi Tech will enhance the leadership and governance functions of the president so that we can maximize the use of our resources in order to rapidly respond to the changing conditions and social demands surrounding the university.

[Administrative/ Faculty Objectives]

In the spirit of mutual trust, cooperation and collaboration, administrative and faculty members of Toyohashi Tech shall carry out duties related to education, research, social contribution, organization management as well as other tasks that may arise.

[Health and Safety Management Objectives]

Toyohashi Tech shall enhance mental and physical well-being in addition to reinforcing its campus security measures and crisis management system

[Environmental Considerations Objectives]

Toyohashi Tech shall reduce energy consumption, conserve resources and take other measures to create a more environmentally friendly campus.

[Information Disclosure and Communication Objectives]

Toyohashi Tech shall disclose and proactively disseminate information to meet its social responsibility obligations.

[Legal Compliance Objectives]

Toyohashi Tech shall fully comply with laws and regulations, research ethics and adhere to our Code of Conduct.

23 March 2015

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