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Preface to the Special Issue

Social Implementation of Technology and the Role of Toyohashi University of Technology in SocietyBy Kazuhiko Terashima

Toyohashi University of Technology (TUT) is a university that studies and researches “technology” in order to create new “technology”, “products” and “systems”. We boast a diverse student body, with 80% of our students being graduates of the engineering focused Colleges of Technology (KOSEN), and the remaining 20% being graduates of technical high schools, general high schools, as well as a high proportion of overseas students. At TUT, the student body use their scientific background and engineering skills as a basis for studying more advanced technological science. The goal is to develop creative technological advancements, and each student has an important mission to incorporate that technology into society. In order to achieve this mission, academic-industrial alliances and interdisciplinary integration play a vital role, as there is only so much that tertiary studies can achieve. In light of the above, we have established the “Research Institute for Technological Science and Innovation”, where we systematically conduct cooperative research in collaboration with industry, by means of our flagship “Cooperative Projects for Innovative Research”.

On April 1, 2016, we reorganized our on-campus research centers and founded the Research Institute for Technological Science and Innovation. The institute is made up of three research divisions: the Emergent System Research Division, the Social System Research Division, and the Advanced Research Division, which were established to develop the research activities of our existing Electronics-Inspired Interdisciplinary Research Institute (EIIRIS) and our four research centers. The institute aims to achieve innovation through the growth of state-of-the art integrated research.

With this institution now at the heart of our University’s research system, we have set ourselves a new challenge of a strategic research conducted by the University in addition to actively promoting faculty initiated research. The research topics for these research divisions were carefully selected by committee members of the University from internal applications, and we launched 16 Cooperative Innovative Research Projects in 2016. Backed by equal funding from research institutions and companies in and out of Japan, these new projects will develop cutting-edge technology in specific fields and boost the implementation and contribution of research results within society. In principle, each project will be implemented for three years, and our university funding will be matched by external funds. Many projects among the 16 are large-scale collaborations between academia and industry that involve global corporations or local companies. In 2017, four new projects were added, bringing the total number of projects to be implemented to 20.

Fig.1 20 Cooperative Innovative Research Projects

The research topics of these 20 projects vary greatly, from sensing, robots, the environment, the brain, life, vehicles, disaster prevention, to farming and industry technology. It is our hope that the founding of this Cooperative Innovative Research institution will establish our University as a research hub for studies in many different types of fields. In addition, we aim to use the results of the Cooperative Project for Innovative Research and other post-collaborative projects to bring about new inventions, products, startups and large-scale projects, and to develop Toyohashi University of Technology’s technologies so that they may be successfully implemented into society.

Toyohashi University of Technology is a university that not only develops technology but also emphasizes the importance of its integration into society. It is because of this that we have become a shining beacon amongst the other more than 700 universities in Japan. We truly believe that this is our role in society.

The five research topics featured in this special issue are parts of the Cooperative Project for Innovative Research and are currently making headlines as projects with the important end goal of implementing the technologies developed during research to enhance society.

We hope you enjoy this special edition and find it informative.

巻頭言: 技術の社会実装と豊橋技術科学大学の社会的役割

By 寺嶋 一彦








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Researcher Profile

Kazuhiko Terashima
Name Kazuhiko Terashima
Affiliation Department of Mechanical Engineering
Title Professor / Vice President(Research Affairs) / Director of Research Institute for Science & Technology Innovation / Director of Health Care Center
Fields of Research Control Engineering / Robotics / Casting Automation and FA