トピックス | 2021年9月24日

The Congratulatory Address to graduates of September 2021

September 24, 2021
Kazuhiko Terashima
President, Toyohashi University of Technology

Congratulations to all the graduates of the master's and doctoral programs. Toyohashi University of Technology has sent out 21 master's degree and 14 doctoral degree graduates. I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to the families who have been watching over their children warmly. Also I would like to express my deepest gratitude to supervisors and all other related parties who have provided guidance and support to the students until today.
The coronavirus infection is still raging unabated. At our university the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine was administered in September, and the second dose will be administered in early October. We believe that the situation will gradually recover, but we cannot be too careful at this time. To protect the safety of everyone's health, we regret to inform you that we have decided to cancel the graduation ceremony and will only post a video message from the President on our official website. We ask for your understanding. On this blessed day, I would like to offer my congratulations as President of the university.

First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you who have devoted so much time and effort to complete your graduate programs. Today is the day that this hard work paid off. At the same time, it is a new start for your next challenge. I am sure that you have learned and deeply absorbed a great deal of knowledge at this university. You have been systematically taught the knowledge  of mankind through lectures and textbooks. On the other hand, in this university, you have not only acquired knowledge, but also wisdom about engineering and human power by actively learning how to conduct scientific research, including experiments and practical training in laboratories , research methods, discussions with professors and fellow researchers, trial and error, numerous failures, and how to write papers.
These are the real assets that you learn at university. I believe that both the wisdom and knowledge you have learned here can be applied to various challenges you will face in the future.

Let's move on to the next topic. Our university is not called Toyohashi University of Science and Technology, but Toyohashi University of Technology. First of all, the term "science and technology" means the totality of "science and technology. Science generally means discovering objective rules and principles between things, and analyzing, systematizing, and explaining them. On the other hand, technology refers to the design, methods, and application of manufacturing. The basic philosophy of the Toyohashi University of Technology Charter states, "Our mission is to educate and research in the science of technology (In Japanese, Gijyutu Kagaku), a discipline that develops new technologies through the exploration of the science that underpins technology. This is what it says. Our goal is to scientifically clarify and explore manufacturing technology, to develop more advanced technology, and to create a technological system.
The graduate school is a group of students who have diverse learning histories when they enter the graduate school, including students from the undergraduate school and students like you who enter from the graduate school. The spiral education system (In Japanese, Rasengata Kyouiku) is continuously implemented from undergraduate to graduate school. Spiral education is a unique educational method of this university. Through the spiral education, students are able to create a synergistic effect with each other, and the curriculum is designed so that all students can obtain a certain level of technical science upon completion. We provide a "technical science education (In Japanese, Gijyutukagaku Kyouiku)" where students start with technology, learn science, and then develop and create advanced technology. Our goal is to develop human resources who can create advanced technology through feedback between science and technology. The graduates of our graduate school, who have been nurtured with this philosophy, are said by industry and the local community to be sincere, strong in manufacturing and IT, able to design and prototype as well as theoretically, and excellent as engineers.

We are also a research university with excellent research capabilities. With sensing devices, semiconductor research, AI research, and robotics research at the core, our strong research field is the fusion of different fields such as materials and chemistry, vehicles, agriculture and biotechnology, and architecture and urban systems. We have been selected for many national priority projects such as the Research University Strengthening Promotion Project, which has been adopted by only 19 of the nearly 800 universities in Japan. Both faculty and students are very active in presenting papers and traveling overseas to international conferences. Although we are a small university with only about 200 faculty members, we are able to produce excellent results because of the sincerity and excellence of our students as well as our faculty members.

In addition, until the covid-19 infection starts, the number of Japanese students studying abroad has been increasing to an extent that was unthinkable in the past, such as through overseas internships and double degree programs. On the other hand, the number of international students from overseas has nearly doubled in the past five years, to 281. Our university is a multicultural, global university that focuses on internationalization. The industrial world is strongly seeking global innovators who can apply technology to a variety of things. Our students are the ones that industry expects, because they have really studied hard and overcome the "rigorous spiral curriculum of technical science". We are proud of all of you, and We hope that you will go out into the world with pride and confidence in yourselves.

Lastly, I would like to mention that we have unfortunately encountered covid-19 infection all over the world since last spring. Vaccinations at our university started in September 2021, and the second round of vaccinations will be completed in October 2021, and we are working hard to ensure that research, education, and extracurricular activities are expected to be close to normal. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all of you for the hard work you have put in over the past year and a half. I am truly sorry for the hardships you have had to endure over the past year and a half, but you have done a great job. I don't think the situation will be settled yet, but the wisdom we learned at Corona is to use the online method using IT when face-to-face is difficult. I believe that lectures can be further developed by using online methods. However, face-to-face communication is essential for research and communication among teachers and students, and we need to be more creative to make the most of the university environment. As a university of technology and science, we will further devise technology, science, and human resources to make the university capable of normal activities and resilient. Now that the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are gaining momentum, human beings should focus on fighting coronaviruses from their own standpoints. What can you do now? Think deeply for yourself. We humans are in a crisis now, but we can turn it into an opportunity. For example, in the age of coronaviruses, the use of information technology (IT) is rapidly advancing, making our lives more convenient. Discover more and more new things that you usually can't find. Consider the technology to apply coronavirus protection. It is a good opportunity for you, because your technology can be dedicated not only to you, but to everyone. Be proud to have been a student of TUT and contribute to the world now and in the future.


When you return to your home country, please tell your family, friends, and people in your country about Japanese people and Japan. Please don't hide the good and bad points that impressed you, and tell them honestly to the people back home. I hope they will become interested in Japan. I hope you have a good start. Bon voyage. This concludes the congratulatory address by the President.






 また本学は研究に優れた研究大学です。センシング・デバイス、半導体研究、AI研究、ロボット研究を軸に、材料・化学、ビークル, 農業・バイオ、建築・都市システムなどとの異分野融合が本学の強い研究分野です。全国800近い大學のうち、19大学しか採択されていない研究大学強化促進事業など多くの国家重点プロジェクトにも採択されています。論文発表や、国際会議への海外出張なども教員・学生共に大変活発です。本学は、200名程度の教員数である小規模大学ですが、優れた成果が出ているのは、先生方と共に、本学の学生が誠実で優秀な為です。


 最後になりますが、covid-19感染に残念ながら昨年春から今まで世界中で遭遇してきました。本学でもワクチン接種が9月から始まり、10月には2回目の接種が完了し、研究・教育、課外活動など、平常に近い状態になることが期待されており、我々も努力しています。皆さんには、この1年半大変な苦労を掛けました。誠に申し訳なく思っておりますが、よく頑張ってくれました。まだまだ収束はしないと思いますが、コロナで学んだ知恵としては、対面が困難な時には、ITを活用したオンライン方式をうまく使うことです。講義は、オンラインの活用でさらに進化させることができると思います。しかし研究や、学生同士のコミュニケーションは、対面が不可欠で、大学の場を活用できるよう、もっと工夫が必要です。技術科学大学として、さらにテクノロジーや科学、そして人間力を工夫して、正常な活動ができ、レジリエンスに強い大學としていきます。SDGs(持続可能な開発目標)の活動が活発化している今、人間はそれぞれの立場からコロナウイルス対策に力を注ぐべきです。あなたは今何ができますか?自分で深く考えてください。私たち人間は今危機に瀕していますが、それをチャンスに変えることができます。例えば、コロナウイルス時代には、情報技術(IT)の利用が急速に進み、私たちの生活がより便利になります。あなたが通常見つけることができない、より多くの新しいものを発見してください。コロナウイルス対策を適用するための技術を検討してください。それはあなたにとって良いチャンスです。あなたのテクノロジーはあなただけでなく、すべての人に捧げることができるからです。 TUTの学生であったことを誇りに思って、現在と未来の世界に貢献してください。