TUT holds TUT-USM Penang 10th Anniversary Commemorative Event

Past Events | March 12, 2024

In 2013, our overseas base called "Toyohashi University of Technology - Universiti Sains Malaysia Technology Collaboration Centre in Penang (TUT-USM Penang)" in Penang, Malaysia was established. Since then, TUT-USM Penang has been carrying out various initiatives including international seminars, joint education and joint research with local universities, internships for TUT students at local companies, Hand-on Training Program for KOSEN (National Institute of Technology) students, and faculty/staff development training. This year markes the 10th anniversary of its establishment. To commemorate this, "TUT-USM Penang 10th Anniversary Commemorative Event" was held at Eastin Hotel Penang on February 27 in Penang, Malaysia, co-organised with our partner university, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM).

The event was consisted of three parts: Symposium on "Research and Innovation for Sustainable Future ," Roundtable on "Strengthening the Network Towards the Next Decade ," and Commemorative Reception. The event had a total of around 100 participants that consisted of online participants and around 80 local attendees, who were made up of facultyof educational institutions, personnel of local companies, personnel associated with regional and local collaboration, and TUT alumni.

During the Symposium, five presenters gave presentations on their research: Prof. Dr. Takayama Kotaro, Professor of Mechanical Engineering Department; Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Asmarashid bin Ponniran, Dean of the Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM); Prof. Dr. Yoshida Sachiko, Professor of Applied Chemistry and Life Science Department, Center for Diversity and Inclusion; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Asrulnizam bin Abd Manaf, Director of Collaborative Microelectric Design Excellence Centre (CEDEC), USM; and Prof. Dr. Shahriman bin Abu Bakar, Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Technology, Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP). Following this, summaries and words of appreciation were given by Prof. Dr. Habibah A. Wahab, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, USM, and Prof. Dr. Lim Pang Boey, Special Advisor to the President and Director of the TUT-USM Penang Promotion Office of TUT.

During the Roundtable, university faculty and personnel of local companies joined the aforementioned participants, and a lively exchange of opinions took place on the two topics of "research collaboration" and "education collaboration."

At the Commemorative Reception, the attendees included: H.E. Mr. Kawaguchi Yoshiyasu, Japanese Consul-General in Penang, Prof. Dato' Seri Ir. Abdul Rahman bin Rahim, Vice-Chancellor of USM, representatives of UTHM, representatives of UniMAP, representative from Wawasan Open University, representative from Disted College, personnel of local companies, personnel of high schools and vocational insitutes, JAGAM members, TUT graduates, and TUT personnel. At the start of the celebration, a video message from Prof. Dr. Terashima Kazuhiko, President of TUT, was shown, and following this, Prof. Dato' Seri Ir. Abdul Rahman bin Rahim, Vice-Chancellor of USM gave a greeting. Next, a toast was given by Prof. Dr. Todaka Yoshikazu, Professor of Mechanical Engineering Department, Chairman of Internship Committee of TUT. In addition, congratulatory speeches were given by H.E. Mr. Kawaguchi Yoshiyasu, Japanese Consul-General in Penang and Dato' Ir. Dr. Goh Teik Cheong, Executive Director, M.E.I. Project Engineer Sdn. Bhd.

During the Commemorative Reception, Prof. Dato' Seri Ir. Abdul Rahman bin Rahim, Vice-Chancellor of USM and Prof. Dr. Lim Pang Boey, Special Advisor to the President exchanged commemorative gifts. Plaques of appreciation were presented to 11 individuals who have contributed to the activities of TUT overseas bases, and 11 companies that have been supporting TUT by accepting students for internships.

The event on this occasion served as an opportunity for us to reflect on our activities in Malaysia thus far, express our appreciation to local relevant entities for their support, and build further sustainable and constructive cooperative relationships for the future. In addition, since the event was attended by many TUT graduates, it served as an excellent opportunity for such graduates to vitalize future alumni activities. We hope that this event will lead to the revitalization and further development of student exchanges, faculty-member exchanges, international joint research during the post COVID-19-crisis era, and the expansion of the sphere of our activities, with not only in Malaysia but also in the ASEAN countries with TUT-USM Penang serving as a hub for such activities.

240312report-1.jpgScene from Symposium

240312report-2.jpg Scene from Roundtable

240312report-3.jpgVideo message from TUT President Terashima

240312report-4.jpgUSM Vice-Chancellor Rahman

240312report-5.jpgPresenting of plaque of appreciation

240312report-6.jpgPresenting of plaque of appreciation

240312report-7.jpgGroup photo


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