Second Consecutive Championship! The TOYOHASHI ROBOCONS, a Robocon Club, Wins NHK GAKUSEI ROBOCON 2023!

Past Events | June 6, 2023

"NHK GAKUSEI ROBOCON 2023″ was held on Sunday, June 4, at the Ota-ku Sogo Gymnasium in Tokyo, and the TUT Robocon Club "Toyohashi☆Robocons" won the championship for the second consecutive year.

The theme of the 2023 competition was "Ring-Throwing Game," in which two robots, one a rabbit robot and the other an elephant robot, cooperate to throw a ring into a pole.

TUT faced Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology in the final match, and after a fierce battle of throwing rings, we won the game by achieving "Chey-Yo," a state of scoring all the points on the eight designated poles, winning the championship for the second year in a row (8th time in total). As a result, we will represent Japan at the ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest to be held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on Sunday, August 27.

<Comments from the Robocon Club Representative>
I would like to thank all those who have supported us.
Thanks to your generous support, we were able to produce convincing robots and compete to the best of our ability.
After the disappointing experience of losing the first round of the Toh-ROBO (Tokai Region Exchange Robot Contest) last September, we were determined not to lose at the "NHK GAKUSEI ROBOCON". We were able to win the competition by thinking hard about what we needed to do to win, and by practicing many times to anticipate the movements and troubles of our opponents.
Our goal has always been to be the world's No. 1 robotics team, and now we have finally made it to the starting line.
(Kazuma Hiromoto, 4th year undergraduate student and representative of the TUT Robocon Club)





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