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Support and Services

University library

University Library with 180,000 books offers 24 hours, 7days a week services for all students, and it also provides accesses to most major database and bibliography with own searching systems, as well as online access to Japanese governmental papers and other major databases.

Center for International Relations

The Center for International Relations offers free Japanese language lessons for the students, researchers and their families, as well as the student counselling services.

Japanese langage education

  • Japanese Intensive Language Course I [Elementary]
  • Japanese Intensive Language Course II [Pre-Intermediate]
  • Basic Japanese Classes

The Center for International Relations is fully equipped and offers a wide range of hardware facilities and software packages for the students who wish to learn Japanese and English.

Tutor system

Newly-arrived international students are assigned tutors to facilitate their new lives in Japan. Tutor support is mainly for study and research and lasts for at least 1 year.

Counseling support

There are faculty members who can speak both English and Japanese at the Center for International Relations. They provide counseling and advising services for problems related to academics and everyday life. Counselors and doctors are also available to provide counseling and advising services for academics, life or health.

Athletic facilities

We have athletic facilities for the purposes of physical education and extarcurricular sports activities. If you wish to use these facilities, please contact the Student Affairs Division for approval.

  • Gymnasium
  • Athletic field
  • Baseball ground
  • Tennis courts
  • Swimming pool
  • Training gym

Cafeteria & Shops

Several services are available inside the campus as follows.

Student canteen Japanese daily meals with reasonable price
Cafeteria lunch, tea and coffee
Hibari lounge Room for relaxing, chatting, party etc
Commissary store daily items, foods, stationeries
Book store books and magazines
Banking machine Mitsui-Sumitomo Banking Co.

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