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Okada, Hiroshi

Affiliation Institute of Liberal Arts and Science
Title Professor
Fields of Research Semiconductor Materials and Devices / Device process technology / Nano-fabrication technology
Degree Ph. D. (Hokkaido University)
Academic Societies Japan Society of Applied Physics / Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
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1. Electronic devices and device process technology, and their characterization
2. Hybridization technology and devices utilizing compound semiconductor, silicon circuit, and nano materials

Theme1:High performance electron device based-on nitride semiconductor


We have many electronic devices in our daily life, such as information devices, electric vehicles and so on. Changes are also found in the electrical supply including solar cells and large batteries adding to conventional power generation/transportation system. Nitride semiconductor device is paid attention as a high performance power device because of its potential.
In our research, development of new fabrication process for insulator films on nitride semiconductors in damage free fashion, investigation of device fabrication process utilizing ion-implantation, characterization of process induced damages, etc are studying.


Nitride semiconductors, semiconductor electronic devices, process technology

Theme2:Investigation of novel electron device by heterogeneous integration


Nitride semiconductors possess relatively wide band gap energy along with chemically stable nature, and is operable in tough environment such as in high temperatures. Novel sensors and electronic devices are expected by hybriding nitride semiconductors and other characteristic materials including well developed silicon circuits, nano metals or nano carbons having chemical catalytic nature for sensors and so on.


Nano structures, carbon nano materials, silicon integrated circuit, hybridization tehcnology

Title of class

Physics Ic (B1011005c)
Physics IIIb (B1013007b)
Physics IV (B10130080)

Electric Measurement (B12530090)
Advanced Natural Sciences II (M20130030)

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