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Noda, Toshihiko

Affiliation Electronics-Inspired Interdisciplinary Research Institute(EIIRIS)
Title Associate Professor
Degree Ph. D. (Toyohashi University of Technology)
E-mail noda-t@eiiris
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Multimodal sensing systems integrated with different kind of sensors attract attention as a key element of new generation society based on IoT and big data analysis. This concept is proposed as "Society 5.0". In our laboratory, multi-modal sensors based on CMOS/MEMS technology are studied. Robust packaging technology that obtains novel application of sensors in the harsh environment is also investigated.

Theme1:Agricultural sensors


Multi-modal sensing become an important technology in the field of smart agriculture typified as the plant factory. In recent years, there are attempts to measure many items such as nutrients, moisture content, pH, and temperature to optimally control the growth of plants and maximize the productivity of crops. In this laboratory, we are studying sensing devices and systems that measure and visualize the important items, which are nutrients, moisture content, and distribution of various ions for example, by a multimodal measurement.

Theme2:Robust packaging technology


In social implementing the multimodal sensors, it is necessary to operate the sensor stably for a long time even in harsh environments. It is required to withstand external stress such as water infiltration, electrode corrosion, and mechanical force. Miniaturization of the sensors and its flexibility are also important. As an alternative to a conventional packaging technology which was based on the assembly of individual parts, we are working on a chip level package based on the CMOS/MEMS technology.

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