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Takahashi, Kazuhiro

Affiliation Department of Electrical and Electronic Information Engineering
Title Associate professor
Fields of Research Micromechanics, Semiconductor devices, Optoelectronics
Degree Ph.D. (University of Tokyo)
Academic Societies The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan,The Japan Society of Applied Physics
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MEMS is an enabling technology to develop micromechanical structures by using the semiconductor micro fabrication techniques. Advantages of using the MEMS technology is in the capability of developing intelligent micro machines as a result of multi-functional assembling of micro actuators, micro sensors, and micro processors onto a monolithic chip of substrate. The conventional LSI application has spread in wide range of electronics applications of mass-production, MEMS has not yet found a large market in the consumer electronics but it is even experiencing difficulty in commercially releasing productions for small market. The difficulty arises from the fact that the fabrication is costly even for a trial-and-error phase of development, because the MEMS process cannot be standardized. Successful practicing of MEMS technology depends on the fabrication flexibility towards such various applications produced in small quantity.
Based upon such technical and economical background of MEMS, we propose a new designing and fabrication technique of the CMOS-MEMS platform that is adaptive to small-quantity MEMS products. We also point out a possibility of using single crystalline silicon of SOI (silicon-on-insulator) wafer to develop micro actuators of superior performance to those made by the conventional surface micromachined CMOS-MEMS technology. This work also presents a new technology of monolithic integration of high-voltage driver circuits for the sake of high performance and high reliability of MEMS actuators.

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Electrical & Electronic Engineering Fundamental Laboratory
Electrical & Electronic Engineering Laboratory

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