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Nakamura, Yuichi

Affiliation Department of Electrical and Electronic Information Engineering
Title Associate Professor
Fields of Research Magnetic hologram memory / Multiferroic composite / Spin caloritronics / Electrical and electronic materials / Materials processing
Degree Ph.D
Academic Societies The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan / The Japan Society of Applied Physics / The Magnetic Society of Japan / The Japan Institute of Metals / The Thermoelectrics Society of Japan/ The Institute of Electronics Information and Communication Engine
E-mail nakamura@ee
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Theme1:Development of magnetic hologram memory


Holographic memory is expected as a high recording density and data transfer speed storage device for storing large-scale information. In this research, we are developing magnetic holographic memory using a unique collinear holography technology with numerical simulation and experiments.

Selected publications and works

"Error-free reconstruction of magnetic hologram via improvement of recording conditions in collinear optical system" Y. Nakamura, Z. Shirakashi, H. Takagi, P.B. Lim, T. Goto, H. Uchida, M. Inoue, Opt. Express, vol.25(13), pp.15349-15357 (2017).
"Development of Heat Dissipation Multilayer Media for Volumetric Magnetic Hologram Memory" Y. Nakamura, P.B. Lim, T. Goto, H. Uchida, M. Inoue, Appl. Sci. vol.9, 1738 (2019).


magnetic hologram, diffraction efficiency, magnetic materials

Theme2:Development of multiferroic composites for optical applications


With the advance in the information technology and optical communication fields, the demand for higher performance of optical control devices that control the intensity, phase, polarization of light is increasing. In this research, to realize voltage-driven ultra-high-speed, low-power-consumption optical control devices, multiferroic composites in which nano structure of magnetic garnet and piezoelectric materials is controlled are developing for light control.


multiferroic composite, magnetic materials, piezoelectric materials, optical applications

Theme3:Spin Seebeck elements with multilayer structure for controlling phonon flow


spin Seebeck effect, phononic crystals

Title of class

Electric Circuit 2 / Complex Function Theory / Electronic Materials 2 / Advanced Materials for Electronics 1

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