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Hine, Kyoko

Affiliation Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Title Assistant Professor
Fields of Research Cognitive Science, Vision Science
Degree Ph.D. (Psychology)
E-mail hine@cs
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Theme1:So many men, so many minds.


Everyone is different. The same is true of our experience. For instance, some people remember the forest, but others recall the trees. To create a new communication technology for connecting information and the human mind, I am engaged in research in such individual difference, i.e. individual cognitive bias.

Selected publications and works

Hine, K., & Tsushima, Y. (2018). Not explicit but implicit memory is influenced by individual perception style. PloS one, 13(1), e0191654.


individual difference, cognitive bias, perceptual style

Theme2:Conscious and Unconscious mind


Not only conscious but also unconscious information have influence on our thought and behavior.
Why do our minds have both conscious and unconscious processes? Through psychophysical and neuroimaging experiments, I make a study on such explicit and implicit perception, learning,
and memory.


concious/unconcious, explicit/implicit

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