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Ohmura, Ren

Affiliation Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Title Associate Professor
Fields of Research Ubiquitous Computing/Wearable Computing/Distributed System/Operating System
Degree Ph.D of Engineering (Keio University)
Academic Societies IEEE/ACM/IEICE/IPSJ
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Nowadays, everything surrounding us is getting the ability of information processing, and it brings viable "ubiquitous environment". The environment is expected to implicitly support our daily life by notifying useful information in demented situation and to give us comfortable and safe society. We, thus, aim to build practical systems that support human with ubiquitous technologies and study some basic technologies for the basis. Our topics are mainly, 1) embedded and distributed computer systems for real world information processing, 2) algorithms to precisely estimate users' context based on real world data through sensor-networks, and 3) representation model of the users' context and its applications.

Theme1:Development of Context-aware Life Support Systems


We are developing ubiquitous systems to make our daily life more safe, secure and confortable. Specifically, we study a method to prevent an medical accident and support emergency rescue. Current topics are development of methods to obtain and verify nurses’ task history of nurses using environmental and wearable sensor, to train cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in emergency places, to give physical support using information robot systems.


Sensor Network, Wearable Computer, Activity Recognition,Data Mining,Robot

Theme2:Study on Application Execution and Development Environemnt for Life Support Applications


For an application to support our daily life, it is necessary to customize it to satisfy user’s demand by themselves. We focus on home network applications, and develop an application development environment that provide easy programming to kids and house wives who are not familiar with information technologies, not only by making writing a program easy, but also by personifying a device and constricting an evnvironment where they can enjoy communication through programming.


Distributed System,Computer Network,Programming Environment,Human-robot Interaction

Theme3:Study on Ubiquitous Embedded Systems


The basis of ubiquitous environments described above consists of embedded hardware deployed as an environmental and wearable system. For such an embedded hardware, the most problematic thing is its battery life. As well as low-power consumption techniques, we are studying a method to give powers with energy harvesting technology, such as wireless power supply, solar battery, and piezo electric device, and a system that works stably with these unstable power sources using non-volatile main memory.


Embedded Hardware, Operating System, Processor, Non-volatile memory, Energy Harvesting

Title of class

Operating System (B13621030)
Distributed System (B13621060)
Network Systems(D33030080)

Others (Awards, Committees, Board members)

IPSJ DICOMO2012 The Excellent Paper Aweard (2 papers)
IPSJ DICOMO2012 The Excellent Presentation Award
The 34th IPSJ SIG-UBI Workshop, The Best Student Paper Award
The 31st IPSJ SIG-UBI Workshop, The Best Student Paper Award
2010 IPSJ The Yamashita Award
2010 ATR Business Creation Award (Company Internal Award)
The 4th ACM/IEEE Intl. Conf. on Human Robot Interaction(HRI2009), The Best Video Award
The 23rd IPSJ SIG-UBI The Best Paper Award
2007 ATR The Innovation Award (Company Internal Award)
The 19th IPSJ SIG-UBI Workshop, The Best Student Paper Award
The 15th IPSJ SIG-UBI Workshop, The Best Paper Award
The 7th SICE System Integration Symposium(SI2006), The Excellent Presentation Award

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