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Kanazawa, Yasushi

Affiliation Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Title Associate Professor
Fields of Research Computer Vision / Image Processing
Degree Dr. Eng. (Osaka University)
Academic Societies IEICE / IPSJ / IEEE
E-mail kanazawa@cs
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Computer vision is a very important tool for obtaining various informations of a scene, such as 3-D shapes, 2-D shapes, moving information of objects, colors of objects and lightes, and so on. In particular 3-D shape information is very useful for us. However, the accuracies of the reconstructed 3-D shapes are often very low when we compute them using real scene data. So, we study for accurate methods for matching images and reconstructing 3-D shapes with real images. We also study for computer vision applications to the real world.

Theme1:Image Matching


Image matching is an important process for many computer vision methods. We focus on the cases: wide baseline, images without texture, and images including repetitive patterns.

Title of class

Linear Algebra 2 / Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition / Advanced Image Processing

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