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Hiroyuki Shibusawa

Affiliation Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering
Title Associate Professor
Fields of Research Urban and Regional Economic System, Industry Analysis, Socio-Economic System Engineering
Degree Dr. of Eng. (Toyohashi Univ. of Tech.)
Academic Societies Japan Section of the Regional Scinece Association / Regional Science Association International / Japanese Association for Real Estate Sciences / Japan Association for Planning Administration
E-mail hiro-shibu@
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Theme1:Socio-Economic System Analysis for City, Region and Industry


In order to understand socio-economic structures and to be able to predict the future, there is a vital requirement to fuse the accumulation of academic data with analysis methods. We are pursuing the construction of economic systems in urban and regional areas and industrial clusters, although with their analysis and application.
Based in approach of economics and simulation methods, we are developing a methodology for analyzing the variety of issues that can arise in urban and regional areas and industrial clusters, and conducting analysis that targets urban and regional areas and industrial clusters.
Some of the themes we are working with include the economic effect of large risks such as earthquakes, the regional economic effect of the innovation of next generation automobile technology, the economic effect of ports, and the economic effect of the formation of compact cities.


urban and regional system, industrial clusters, simulation

Theme2:Evaluation methodology for policy and project


We are pursuing the formulation of basic scientific theories required in order to support spatial policies for urban and regional areas, and the application of these theories. Based in economics, regional science, inter-industry analysis and econometrics, we implement analysis and simulations on a variety of socio-economic phenomena and policy issues that have a spatial dimension.
Some of the themes we are working with include the development of an econometric model for urban and regional areas, calculation of the economic effects provided by technological revolutions in industry clusters, analysis of inter-organizational learning in an intellectual society and quantitative analysis that makes use of GIS and spatial economic data.


optimization, regional analysis, spatial statistics, policy evaluation

Title of class

Industrial policies/ Econometrics/ Management of technology/ Social capital management/ Macroeconomics/ Advanced computational economics

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