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Agreement on Comprehensive Collaboration Signed with Toyohashi Rail Road Co., Ltd.

Agreement ceremony at the Toyohashi Railway City Line Ekimae stop.
Agreement ceremony at the Toyohashi Railway City Line Ekimae stop.

Toyohashi University of Technology has signed an Agreement on Comprehensive Collaboration with Toyohashi Rail Road Co., Ltd., under which the parties will cooperate with each other in their respective fields and work toward solving regional issues.

At the agreement ceremony held on Tuesday, October 25, 2022 at the Toyohashi Railway City Line Ekimae stop, representatives from each organization signed the agreement, including Kazuhiko Terashima, President of Toyohashi University of Technology, and Toshihiko Ogasawara, President and CEO of Toyohashi Rail Road Co., Ltd.
The main points in the collaboration and cooperation are as follows:

  1. Matters concerning education
  2. Matters concerning research
  3. Internships and other matters concerning mutual human resource development

Based on the agreement, the parties plan to undertake extensive collaborative cooperation including, for example, the analysis and evaluation of the state of public transportation and its various values. They will also pursue initiatives with "sustainable development of public transportation and town development" as the theme.

As a community-based university, Toyohashi University of Technology will continue to engage in activities in cooperation with the local community.




  1. 教育に関する事項
  2. 研究に関する事項
  3. インターンシップ、その他相互の人材育成に関する事項



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