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TUT symposium on "Changing Global Communication with AI - Ubiquitous Machine Translation"

On 24th April 2017, Toyohashi University of Technology, in cooperation with Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd., BroadBand Tower, Inc., and A.I. Squared, Inc., held a symposium in Tokyo entitled "Changing Global Communication with AI – Ubiquitous Machine Translation".

The symposium provided a showcase for powerful developments in AI enabled machine translation technology, that can be utilized both in business and the broader community. Attendees of the symposium came from a wide spectrum of academia and the business community, such as translation and tourism. In an invited speech presented in English, simultaneous Japanese interpretation generated by a real-time machine translation system was demonstrated on each mobile device of the audience. The technological virtuosity and obvious practical use of the leading edge of translation system greatly impressed the audience.

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The 1st TUT-ASEAN University Presidents Forum
The 1st TUT-ASEAN University Presidents Forum

One milestone toward TUT Multicultural Global Campus

As a Top Global University in Japan, TUT has been transforming the university open to the world by increasing compatibility of the university education system and mobility of students, researchers, university faculties and staffs with the global. As the start of 2017 academic year, several key projects have achieved the first milestone:

TUT Global House:

The TUT Global House is a newly built shared-house style of on-campus student accommodation, which enables international and Japanese students to live together. The first two accommodation building with 60 students capacity and one common service building were completed and started operation from April 2017. Both Japanese and International students are expected to nurture essential skills required in this globalized society through living and learning in this multicultural environment. It will complete the building in 2019 with total 180 student capacity.

Global Commons at the University Library:

The first floor of the university library has been renovated to function as a hub of the Multicultural Global Campus. The renewed floor consists of a Global Lecture Area equipped with a large telepresence screen which allows for live communication with facilities around the world. Other facilities include the multipurpose collaboration space, study support area, coffee shop and deck-terrace.

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