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Victory for the TUT Robot Contest Club at the 2022 NHK Student Robot Contest!

The 2022 NHK Student Robot Contest
The 2022 NHK Student Robot Contest

On Sunday, June 12, 2022, the 2022 NHK Student Robot Contest was held at Ota Ward Gymnasium, Tokyo, where teams battled for the chance to participate in the ABU Asia-Pacific Robocon (ABU Robocon).
Blessed with fine weather, the competition began with a fair-play pledge by TOYOHASHI ROBOCONS’ team leader, Takumi Kusuhara.
The TUT Robot Contest Club cruised to victory in the qualifying league to clinch a spot in the finals, where hard battles were expected against other strong university teams. But in the semifinals, we beat Tokyo University of Technology—the top team in the qualifiers—30-25, and advanced to the final where we defeated Kanazawa Institute of Technology (according to tournament rules) with a score of 25-25, winning the contest for the first time since 2009, 13 years ago.

The ABU Robocon (held online)
The ABU Robocon (held online)

On Sunday, August 21, TOYOHASHI ROBOCONS went on to represent Japan at the ABU Robocon (held online). The matches took place in the university gymnasium, where many supporters, including university President Kazuhiko Terashima, were there to cheer us on. The contest was held between teams from India (2 teams), Nepal, Egypt, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Fiji, Hong Kong, China, Mongolia, and Indonesia.
In the qualifiers, our team was placed in Group C, and faced off against powerful teams from Hong Kong and China. We suffered a narrow defeat, but still won the Best Engineering Award.
We would like to express our gratitude for the generous support we received for the NHK Student Robot Contest and ABU Robocon, through crowdfunding and donations from our Alumni Association and others.
Next year’s ABU Robocon will be hosted by Cambodia.
The TUT Robot Contest Club will continue its efforts, with the goal of qualifying for, and winning, next year's event.


大会当日は快晴。とよはし☆ロボコンズ チームリーダーの楠原拓己の選手宣誓で大会が開幕しました。

本学は、予選Cグループとなり、強豪国の香港と中国と対戦しました。結果は惜しくも敗退しましたが、BEST ENGINEERING AWARDを受賞しました。

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