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Integrated Green-niX Consortium for Research and Human-Resource Development, formed out of a partnership of three universities, approved by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as a next-generation X-NICS

Electronics-Inspired Interdisciplinary Research Institute (EIIRIS)
Electronics-Inspired Interdisciplinary Research Institute (EIIRIS)

Tokyo Institute of Technology, Toyohashi University of Technology and Hiroshima University jointly announced the creation of the Integrated Green-niX Consortium for Research and Human-Resource Development with the goal of reviving Japan's semiconductor industry. The new institute was recognized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) as being a part of the MEXT Initiative to Establish Next-Generation Novel Integrated Circuits Centers (X-NICS) , which was announced on April 12, 2022. Tokyo Institute of Technology serves as the representative institution for this project while Toyohashi University of Technology and Hiroshima University are the core institutions. Together, we will collaborate on integrated research as well as the development of innovative semiconductor integrated circuits and the human resources to manage the project.

Integrated Green-niX has been defined as a key area to focus on for the integrated research and development of semiconductor integrated circuits. Aiming to revolutionize the creation of green markets, research into materials, devices, circuits, systematization and other aspects will be conducted from the additional perspective of evaluating their environmental impact. This approach is considered indispensable for new products and services to achieve reduced power consumption and a reduced carbon footprint. This is then combined with integration technologies to achieve new value creation. At this research institute, the three universities will do their utmost to prove that Green-niX can accomplish a large-scale game change in the market.

Not forgetting the importance of developing human resources, the universities are planning to systematically collaborate with other universities, educational institutions, research institutions and businesses that use the facility. In this way they hope to train a significant number of large scale integration (LSI) innovators capable of providing broad-ranging leadership of integrated Green-niX at universities, colleges of technology and businesses.




さらに、人材育成の観点からも、大学・高専及び企業においても集積Green-niXを多面的にけん引できる「LSI(Large Scale Integration:大規模集積回路)イノベータ」の大量育成を目的として、当該拠点に参画する大学・教育機関や研究機関、企業と有機的に連携することを予定しています。

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