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TUT student Entrepreneurship Club “Take Off” is up and running!

TUT Robocon 2020 team members

With the formation of “Take Off” in July 2021, TUT now has a student Entrepreneurship Club for the first time in its 45-year history .

The three founders of the club are Ryusuke Yabuuchi and Ikumi Fukiya, who won the Grand Prize in the Tongali Business Plan Contest 2021, and Keiichiro Maegawa, who won the Excellence Prize (second place) of the same contest in 2020.

TUT students with an interest in entrepreneurship will network with local entrepreneurs and supporters, share ideas and hold workshops several times a month on a regular basis. Student business contests and other events are also planned with the aim of deepening interest in and understanding of new businesses and startups, and to foster a can-do mentality and a proactive approach to realizing business ventures.

More than 20 students participated in the club's inaugural event, with a lively discussion with local entrepreneurs and supporters about their business ideas and future dreams.

TUT学生起業サークル “Take Off” を結成して本格始動!

豊橋技術科学大学の45年の歴史で初めて、学生による起業を目標にした 「スタートアップサークル ― Take Off」 が結成され、本格的な活動を開始しました。

発起人は、Tongali ビジネスプランコンテスト 2021で最優秀賞を受賞した薮内龍介君と蕗谷郁弥君、そして2020年の同コンテストの優秀賞を受賞した前川啓一郎君の3名です。



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