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Symposium "Toward the University's Efforts and Future Reform in the Age of With/After Corona"

Toyohashi University of Technology is holding a total of six symposia from FY 2020 to FY2021 for the purpose of sharing information on responses to new coronavirus infections and proposing new approaches for the future. The symposium is a valuable opportunity to get student feedback on the university's corona response strategy, as well as an opportunity for the university and students to exchange their opinions and consider how best to support students.

At the 4th symposium held on August 5, students shared their confusion from the early days of the introduction of online classes and made suggestions for improvements. Holding the symposium was a positive step forwards for both the university and the students. Toyohashi University of Technology will continue to listen to the voices of students and faculty while striving to achieve the optimal education and research conditions possible under the pandemic.

TUT Robocon 2020 team members




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