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Sekishita, Nobumasa

Affiliation Department of Mechanical Engineering
Title Associate Professor
Fields of Research Fluid Engineering / Wind Engineering / Fluid Measuerment
Degree Doctor of Engineering (Toyohashi Univ. of Tech.)
Academic Societies Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers / Japan Society of Fluid Mechanics / The Physical Society of Japan / The Visualization Society of Japan
E-mail seki@me
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Our laboratory investigates a buoyancy jet, a plane jet and a sphere wake by using wind tunnels. Turbulent structures in these flow fields are measured by a hotwire anemometer and visualized by the smokewire method. Base on the results, the effects of turbulent motion on heat-mass transfer, entraining ambient fluid and turbulent transition are clarified experimentally. These researches contribute to mixing efficiency, drag reduction, etc.
Wind tunnel simulations in high Reynolds number turbulence fields are also conducted to evaluate wind environments around a high-rise building, substances diffused from a chimney by the turbulent shear flow generator developed by Prof. Makita.

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Wind Engineering

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