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Uchiyama, Naoki

Affiliation Department of Mechanical Engineering
Title Professor
Fields of Research Systems Engineering, Control Engineering, Mechatronics
Degree Doctor of Engineering (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.)
Academic Societies Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers / Society of Instrument and Control Engineers / Japan Society for Precision Engineering / Institute of Systems, Control and Information Engineers / Robotics Society of Japan / Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan
E-mail uchiyama@me
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Research interests are in systems optimization and control theory, and their application to industrial systems. Current activities include 1) design of robust adaptive servo systems and optimal motion trajectory generation for precision motion, vibration suppression and energy saving of industrial machinery, 2) design and control of outdoor mobile robots, and 3) development of new inspection and control strategies for various industrial systems.

Title of class

Robot Kinematics (M41630400) / Robotics (M41630380)

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