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Shigeki Nakauchi

Affiliation Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Title Professor /Director of Incubation Center for Venture Business
Fields of Research Vision Science & Technology / Spectral Color Imaging
Degree Doctor of Engineering (Toyohashi University of Technology)
Academic Societies The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers / Vision Society of Japan / Japan Neuroscience Society / Japanese Neural Nework Society / Imaging Science & Technology / Optical Society of America
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We can see and recognize things, and act without feeling any difficulties. Our mission is to explore visual function and the mechanisms of the brain which allow us to do so, and to develop new technology, including color universal design, spectral imaging, for visual information processing based on the fundamental vision research.

Theme1:Vision Science - why is it seen as it is? -

Activity of face-sensitive ERP component for natural and unnatural (bluish) face color stimuli

Vision is far skillful rather than we imagine. Visual perception results from "interpretations" of the retinal images. The visual system has many important features including adaptation to the visual environments, integration of various visual clues to estimate 3D information, etc. Understanding these functions may make present media technology remarkable progress. Moreover, although we are almost always subjected to a barrage of different source of visual information, our visual system does not process all the information. Rather, by so-called visual attention, the visual system selectively processes some extent of the input image. To explore the fundamental functions of the vision, we are doing psychophysical experiment, EEG measurement and analysis, and constructing mathematical models of the vision.

We are now tackling various topics as:
- Color vision
- Motion-color interaction
- Surface quality perception
- ERPs studies on face processing, visual naturalness, awareness
- Brain-Computer interface

[Recent Publications]
◆ Decreased beta-band activity is correlated with disambiguation of hidden figures.
Minami T, Noritake Y, Nakauchi S
Neuropsychologia 56C 9-16 Jan 2014
◆ Experts and novices use the same factors-but differently-to evaluate pearl quality.
Tani Y, Nagai T, Koida K, Kitazaki M, Nakauchi S
PloS one 9 e86400 Jan 2014
◆ Gamma oscillations distinguish mere exposure from other likability effects.
Kongthong N, Minami T, Nakauchi S
Neuropsychologia 54C 129-138 Dec 2013
◆ Semantic processing in subliminal face stimuli: An EEG and tDCS study.
Kongthong N, Minami T, Nakauchi S
Neuroscience letters 544 141-146 Jun 2013
◆ Color signal integration for color discrimination along a long-range apparent motion trajectory.
Nagai T, Kimura H, Nakauchi S
Multisensory research 26 241-265 2013
◆ Image regions contributing to perceptual translucency: A psychophysical reverse-correlation study.
Nagai T, Ono Y, Tani Y, Koida K, Kitazaki M, Nakauchi S
i-Perception 4 407-428 2013
◆ Enhancement of glossiness perception by retinal-image motion: additional effect of head-yoked motion parallax.
Tani Y, Araki K, Nagai T, Koida K, Nakauchi S, Kitazaki M
PloS one 8 e54549 2013
◆ The face-selective N170 component is modulated by facial color.
Nakajima K, Minami T, Nakauchi S
Neuropsychologia 50 2499-2505 Aug 2012

Theme2:Vision Technology - Media technology like human vision or beyond it -

Color blind experience filter -Variantor-

Our life has surely become convenient since image media such as a digital camera has developed and spread rapidly. It is true, however, that capability of such image media is nothing like as good as that of the human vision because it is far easy for our vision to capture image information, code the information, and recognize it. The purpose in this project is to crystallize as "technology" the knowledge acquired by the fundamental research of vision science.

We are now tackling various topics as:
- Color blind experience filter
- Visualization of invisible information using spectral imaging
- Wide dynamic range imaging

[Recent Publications]
◆ Optimization of excitation-emission band-pass filter for visualization of viable bacteria distribution on the surface of pork meat.
Nishino K, Nakamura K, Tsuta M, Yoshimura M, Sugiyama J, Nakauchi S
Optics express 21 12579-12591 May 2013
◆ Detection and visualization of intracutaneous allergic type-specific elements using long-wavelength near-infrared hyperspectral imaging.
Nishino K, Fujiyama T, Hashizume H, Nakauchi S
Skin research and technology : official journal of International Society for Bioengineering and the Skin 19 e157-66 Feb 2013
◆ Optical Measurement of Interference Color of Pearls and Its Relation to Subjective Quality
Toyota T, Nakauchi S
Optical Review 20(1) 50-58 Jan 2013
◆ Real-time optical monitoring of microbial growth using optimal combination of light-emitting diodes
Kobayashi K, Yamada T, Hiraishi A, Nakauchi S
Optical Engineering 51(12) 123201-123208 Feb 2012
◆ Optical implementation of spectral filtering for the enhancement of skin color discrimination
Nishino K, Kaarna A, Miyazawa K, Oda H, Nakauchi S
Color Research & Application 37(1) 53-58 Feb 2012
◆ Selection of optimal combinations of band-pass filters for ice detection by hyperspectral imaging.
Nakauchi S, Nishino K, Yamashita T
Optics express 20 986-1000 Jan 2012


color universal design, spectral imaging, wide dynamic range imaging

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Probability and Statistics /
Brain and Neural System Engineering /
Cutting-Edge Interdisciplinary Research 2 /

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