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Village Tempaku -Researcher's Accommodation


"Village Tempaku" is on-campus accommodation for visiting researchers from outside the university.
Researchers can stay there more than a month and within two years, with very reasonable prices.

Cost to stay


1) Residence Fee

Monthly fee is 39,300 yen including the cost of utilities.
If the contract is suspended partway through the month, the fee above is calculated on a prorated basis.
The residence Fee might be revised with the change of the utilities cost.

2) Damage Compensation

Recompense at cost when the residents damage the furnishings or equipments

3) Supplies Expense

Replacement cost of the supplies - e.g. battery for remote control, fluorescent bulb - is a burden to the resident.


prefabricated bath, lavatory, shoebox, intercom, stove burner, LAN connect interface, emergency buzzer, television, refrigerator, laundry machine, microwave, cleaner, bed with mattress, desk & chair, curtain, internet with password

Hibari-so [Temporally Visitor's Residents]


There is another visitor's accommodation called "Hibari-so" inside the campus.
Visitors can stay in room with 2,500 - 4,400 yen per night.

For more information

Facilities Division
Email: shisekik@office
*Please append "" to the end of the address above.

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