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Industry-Academia Collaboration Bridging Accelerating TUT Research Seeds into Commercial Products

"Knowledge Hub AICHI" priority research project is an important program, with annual funding of 1 billion yen, aimed at creating and developing industries in Aichi Prefecture, where Toyohashi University of Technology (TUT) is located.
TUT completed the research and development stages, Phases Ⅰ (2011-2015) and Ⅱ (2016-2018), before launching Phase Ⅲ in 2019. For this phase, 14 TUT researchers have been working on research and development projects in collaboration with private companies. These projects have been organized according to five research themes within the three key fields of automobiles, smart factories and basic manufacturing technology.

One of TUT's main missions is to promote social implementation of its research results. In accordance with this goal, we established the Research Institute for Technology Science and Innovation in 2016, to promote R & D and industry-academia collaboration.

As for funding, TUT directly funds its own "Collaborative Innovation Research Project" with support from external funds. In addition, we are active participants in the“Knowledge Hub Aichi” priority research project which is funded by Aichi Prefecture.

During PhaseⅠ, the "Collaborative Innovation Research Project" (2016 ~ 2018), TUT worked on achieving social implementation of a number of research themes. For Phase Ⅱ, 13 themes were chosen to receive for 3 years of support. Phase Ⅱ provides large-scale matching funds of 10 million yen for some projects.


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