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TUT and Kobelco advances

In April 2019, TUT launched the “KOBELCO CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY ADVANCED CRANE LABORATORY,” strengthening the existing collaboration between TUT and Kobelco Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd, a leading manufacturer of construction machinery in Japan. The aim of the collaboration is to create more innovation through both our current research in automation, AI, and the utilization of big data and research into the ideal form for the next generation of cranes. This collaborative research system will advance how a university and a company can work together to offer great benefits to society and foster highly skilled engineers through practical education.

TUT establish a venture company to market a super small odor sensor

TUT established a new venture company, Aroma bit Silicon Sensor Technology Co, LTD, to market the super small and high resolution CMOS type odor sensor which they developed. The venture company plans to combine the the ion image sensor, which was developed by TUT Professor Kazuaki Sawada’s research group, with the odor receptor membrane developed by Aromabit. It is the first university-launched venture company certified by the Toyohashi University of Technology.

The impressive potential of the sensor is evidenced by the fact that its 1,200 kinds of odor receptors, with the equivalent power of a “dog’s nose”, will be packed onto an element of only 1 mm square.
The aroma bit silicon sensor technology Co, LTD aims to market their product as a super small and low-cost sensor that can be installed in smartphones and IoT devices. Its potential applications could range from detecting deterioration in the quality of wine after it has been opened to determining possible illnesses from a breath test.

1mm square CMOS type of micro odor sensor device to be commercialized

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