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TUT Global House is a hub for multicultural events enjoyed by Japanese and international students alike

The TUT Global House is an on campus shared-house style student accommodation facility, where international and Japanese students live together. By living and learning in such a multicultural environment, students can nurture some of the essential skills required by today’s globalized society.

Over the past eighteen months, the students who live in Global House have hosted a wide range of multicultural activities. It represents a successful first step on the road towards realizing the vision of TUT as a multicultural global campus.

2018 Key activities hosted by the TUT Global House students

BBQ Party: Students in TUT Global House get to know each other better (September 21)

"TUT Summer Festival" hosted by the TUT Global House students (July 15)

TUT EXPO 2018, organized and run in partnership with an executive committee formed by the Global House students (July 6)

A series of “International Understanding Forums” looking at various themes, beginning with “Discover Japan, from the inside and the outside” (June 13)

Welcome Party: TUT Global House starts 2018 in a great spirit of friendship! (April 7)

“TOYOHASHI VEGE-night” : Social gathering with one of Japan’s leading agricultural companies in Toyohashi (February 16)


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