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Inaugural issue of 'Toyohashi University of Technology e-Newsletter' launched

25 Oct 2010

Inaugural issue of 'Toyohashi University of Technology e-Newsletter' launched



Toyohashi Tech's quarterly e-Newsletter offers news and views from one of Japan's most dynamic science and technology based universities: Founded in 1976, Toyohashi Tech is a vibrant modern institute with research activities reflecting the modern era of advanced electronics and engineering.

This inaugural of the Toyohashi Tech e-Newsletter includes an interview President Yoshiyuki Sakaki--internationally renowned molecular biologist who led Japan's International Human Genome Project--about his ambitious plans on enhancing the university's research and education infrastructure.

One of Sakaki's major initiatives has been the launch of the Electronics-Inspired Interdisciplinary Research Institute (EIIRIS)--Toyohashi Tech's new flagship research complex formally opened on 1st October 2010. "The aim of EIIRIS is to produce world-class innovative research," says Sakaki. "To do this we are bringing together ambitious young researchers from diverse fields to collaborate on pioneering new frontiers in science such as brain/neuro-electronics as well as tackling some of the major issues mankind faces today: issues such as environmental changes and aging societies."

Other articles include news about the 'Omotehama Blue Walk' along the 50 km long beach a stone's throw from the Toyohashi Campus, where students do their annual clean up to preserve this precious beach for migrating sea turtles to lay their eggs:

Research at Toyohashi Tech is in the 'Research Highlights' section, with easy to understand description of recent research publications:

In 'Club Activities', members of the Robotics club describe the secrets of their success in winning the national robotics context:

International students have their say in 'Excursions'--a video story of their visit some of the famous sites and industries of Aichi prefecture on a trip organized by Toyohashi Tech:

Toyohashi Tech inventions and inventors are under the spotlight in 'Tech-Overtures', with a feature on the optical quantification of the spatial distribution of cosmetic facial foundation:

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