Development of zinc oxide nanopagoda array photoelectrode

Press Releases | January 5, 2024

Toward photoelectrochemical water-splitting hydrogen production

A research team consisting of members of the Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute and the Functional Materials Engineering Laboratory at the Toyohashi University of Technology, has developed a novel high-performance photoelectrode by constructing a zinc oxide nanopagoda array with a unique shape on a transparent electrode and applying silver nanoparticles to its surface. The zinc oxide nanopagoda is characterized by having many step structures, as it comprises stacks of differently sized hexagonal prisms. In addition, it exhibits very few crystal defects and excellent electron conductivity. By decorating its surface with silver nanoparticles, the zinc oxide nanopagoda array photoelectrode gains visible light absorption properties, enabling it to function under sunlight irradiation.

Full: Development of zinc oxide nanopagoda array photoelectrode


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