Model for Distinguishing Materials Like a Human Being Does

Press Releases | May 17, 2022

Is This Material Reflective or Transparent?

A research team including Hideki Tamura, an assistant professor in the Cognitive Neurotechnology Unit of Toyohashi University of Technology's Department of Computer Science and Engineering and Justus Liebig of University Giessen's Faculty of Psychology has proposed a model that makes it possible to distinguish materials using computer imaging based on judgment criteria similar to the criteria used by humans. This research used two different types of material to be distinguished: a reflective material that reflects its surroundings like a mirror or metal surface, and a transparent material that allows the view of its surroundings to pass through it like glass or ice. The research suggested that humans use the existence of imagery clues when distinguishing between these different materials. The results of the research may have applications in imaging technologies for the accurate depiction of textures at low cost.

Full text: Model for Distinguishing Materials Like a Human Being Does
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