A confirmed case of the COVID-19 in our university

Topics | August 23, 2021

To students, faculty and staff

President Kazuhiko Terashima

Please be informed that 6 students of our university were diagnosed with the COVID-19 from August 18 to August 20.

Our university is committed to the protection of personal information and the protection of infected person and those concerned.
For this reason, we will not disclose their name and other information, so we ask for your understanding.

We will continue to make our efforts to prevent the spread of the infection based on the guidance of the Toyohashi public health center.

We also hope that the infected student will recover and be able to return to his/her studies.
In addition, We also urge you to respect human rights and protect personal information with the awareness that we ensure that our students, faculty, and staff will not tolerate any defamatory or discriminatory language or actions against infected people or those involved, in order not to lead to the identification of infected persons and related persons and the promotion of discriminatory treatment of them.


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