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TUT launch Research Institute for Science & Technology Innovation along with 16 innovative research projects

In April 2016 TUT unveiled a new strategic research institution along with, 16 cutting-edge and innovative research projects it will oversee. All of these projects are intended to be of social use, and are collaborative efforts with leading industry, companies and institutions. The projects were chosen carefully from 25 applications proposed by the board members of the institute, based on an analysis of various factors, such as an evaluation of matching funds with the collaboration partner, the mission and role, and the expected impact of the project.

Emergent System Research Division
 Project Leader in TUT
1 Research Project for Social Implementation of Relation-oriented Robots Michio Okada
2 TUT-ASMO Advanced Motion Technology Laboratory Project Jun Miura
3 Development of Next Generation Contaminant Detection Technology Saburo Tanaka
4 High-Frequency Semiconductor Circuit Serendipity for Wireless Power Transfer Takashi Ohira
5 Development of novel bio-sensors using Sensor / MEMS technology Kazuhiro Takahashi
6 Advanced tool Coating Technological laboratory, OSG-TUT collaboration (ACTO) Hirofumi Takikawa
7 Road Marking 2.0 Project Kojiro Matsuo
Social System Research Division
1 Research on Societal Implementation of Supporting Multilingual Information Outbound Hitoshi Isahara
2 Development of an outdoor cleaning robot usable in a recycle center Naoki Uchiyama
3 Development and implementation of a disaster detection and disaster prevention information sharing system in order to support the Tokai region in the case of a massive earthquake Taiki Saito
4 Research for Production and Utilization of Biomass Hiroyuki Daimon
5 New agriculture promotion plans for agriculture development in East Mikawa region Takanobu Inoue
6 Investigation of mechanism of water pollution material runoff Kuriko Yokota
Advanced Research (General) Division
1 Innovative Advanced Sensor Processing and Ion-Biology Kazuaki Sawada
2 Research on Experimental Cognitive Science of Psychological Brain Mechanisms Shigeki Nakauchi
3 Multiferroic Materials Laboratory for Advanced Applications Atsunori Matsuda


Commendations for Science and Technology awarded by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

This award is given to researchers who achieve significant results in the study of science and technology. On April 20th 2016 two researchers from TUT received this award.

Hiroyuki Daimon

Science and Technology Promotion Category Professor, Hiroyuki Daimon

“Promotion of a recycling composition technology by production and utilization of Biomass”

Yuu Hirose

The Young Scientists’ Prize
Assistant Professor, Yuu Hirose

“Analysis of Complementary Chromatic Acclimation Process of Cyanobacteria”

Prestige lecture held in TUT by 2010 Nobel laureate Professor Akira Suzuki

Akira Suzuki, Nobel laureate in Chemistry 2010, was invited to TUT on 30th Jun 2016 to give a Prestige Lecture entitled “Cross-coupling Reactions of Organoboranes: An Easy Way for C-C Bonding”. This lecture was facilitated by the TUT leading graduate school program students and an interactive session with the program students was held after the lecture.

Before presenting the lecture, he had a chance to meet high school students invited to TUT from Asian countries. The students, from 9 top high schools across 5 different countries, were very excited by this rare opportunity and were greatly encouraged to come to Japan to study engineering, technology and science.

International Conferences organized by TUT

As a Top Global University of Japan, Toyohashi University of Technology organized or chaired the following International Conferences:

APCOT 2016
Asia-Pacific Conference of Transducers and Micro-Nano Technology 2016

June 26-29, 2016, Kanazawa Japan
General Chairman: Professor Kazuaki Sawada, Toyohashi University of Technology

WFC 2016
The 72nd World Foundry Congress

May 21-25, 2-16, Nagoya Japan
Co-Chairman: Professor Kazuhiro Terashima, Toyohashi University of Technology

The 2016 International Conference on Advanced Informatics: Concepts, Theory and Application

August 16-19, 2016, Penang Malaysia
Organized by: Toyohashi University of Technology (Japan), Universiti Sains Malaysia (Malaysia), Institut Teknologi Bandong (Indonesia) and Brapha University (Thailand)

WFC 2016 in Port Messe Nagoya

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