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Club Activities

The International Exchange Club “CALLing” the world

The International Exchange Club— CALL— is a group of 70 Toyohashi Tech students that supports international students enrolled at the University. Some international students at Toyohashi Tech find it challenging to settling down in Japan because of the cultural differences between Japan and their home countries. CALLs main mission is to help international students overcome these problems by enhancing communication with Japanese students and staff at Toyohashi Tech. So, CALL facilitates opportunities for communication between international and Japanese students as well as cooperating with the university staff to arrange events for international students.

CALL holds a wide range of regular activities, including weekly Japanese conversation classes, as well as monthly CALL parties. In addition to these regular events, the Club also arrange some seasonal events..

The Club’s main activity is the CALL Party, where we welcome not only students at Toyohashi Tech but also foreigners living in Toyohashi. Each party has a theme, such as a Yukata Party in July, Halloween in October, and Christmas in December. On average about 30 people participate in such parties, which offer an opportunity to find new friends and help international students to get used to living in Japan.

CALL also organizes a visit to a company for international students. Last year the club visited Kao Corporation and Meiji Co., Ltd.. The aim of these visits is to get better understanding about Japanese culture by learning more about company management policies, technology, and work environment at Japanese companies. Some international students want to work in Japan after graduating.

CALL promotes its activities and events via Facebook:

Halloween Party at the Toyohashi Tech International House
Halloween Party at the Toyohashi Tech International House
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Members of the Toyohashi Tech a Cappella Circle at the interview
A visit to Kao Corporation in March 2013
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