Editorial Committee

The Toyohashi University of Technology (Toyohashi Tech) is one of Japan's most innovative and dynamic science and technology based academic institutes. The Toyohashi Tech e-Newsletter (TTeN) is published to update readers on news, research and other activity at the university.

Editorial committee
Chairman: Takaaki Takashima, International Cooperation Center for Engineering Education Development (ICCEED)
Chief Editor: Adarsh Sandhu, Electronics-Inspired Interdisciplinary Research Institute (EIIRIS)
Koichi Katsurada, Center for International Relations
Yuko Ito, Research Administration Center (RAC)
Shizuka Fukumura, International Affairs Division
Tomoko Kawai, International Affairs Division

Toyohashi University of Technology
1-1 Hibarigaoka, Tempaku
Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture, 441-8580, JAPAN
Inquiries: International Affairs Division
E-mail: ryugaku@office.tut.ac.jp
TEL: +81-532-44-6577 or +81-532-44-6546
FAX: +81-532-44-6557
Website: https://www.tut.ac.jp/english/