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Toyohashi Tech Kyudo Club: Fun through serious practice

Kyudo or ‘traditional Japanese archery’ is one of the many Japanese martial arts. The Toyohashi Tech Kyudo Club was established 6 years ago. The club members meet three times a week to practice at a dojo located at the Noyori Hachimansha Shrine located about 1.4 km west of the university campus.

The members of the Toyohashi Tech Kyudo Club are a friendly group of young and dynamic students. The practice sessions are fun and enjoyable, even complete beginners can learn to hit the target after a learning the basics of the art.

The Club currently has 50 members, making it the 4th largest club at Toyohashi Tech. Recently, the Club’s male and female members were 4th and 1st, respectively, in a local Tokai region competition.

Further information
Captain: Tanago Motoaki
Vice captain: Ueno Soutarou
Accounts: Toyoda Masaki
Video production team: Sakuraba Takahiro and Watase Hidetosi