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Entrance Ceremony for Graduate School of Engineering

07 Oct 2016

Toyohashi University of Technology (TUT) held the Entrance Ceremony for Graduate School of Engineering, including the International Program students on 4 October 2016.

7 students were admitted to the International Master's Degree Program, and 6 students were admitted to the Doctoral Program.
In October 2016, total 26 international students including non-degree students came to study in TUT.

Dr. Takashi Onishi, President, gave an address at the entrance ceremony.
His speech in full is below:

Congratulatory Address in the occasion of the Entrance Ceremony

On behalf of all faculty and staff members, and students, I would like to express our hearty welcome to you to the graduate school of Toyohashi University of Technology, TUT.

Eventually, you start your graduate program at the memorable time, because we are celebrating 40 year anniversary of our university this year. We had a celebration ceremony, just yesterday.

We have been developing our education and research programs for the last forty years and are proud of providing one of the most advanced and excellent programs in engineering subjects in this country.

You may know that the name of our university is unique, which is "technological science" in meaning, not "science and technology". Like social science or natural science, we are seeking the principles or laws of technology with the name of technological science. By mastering technology through understanding the scientific foundation supporting it, we can apply the existing technology to other fields or develop it further and even create new technology.
Therefore, our university lays out the motto of "Master Technology, Create Technology".

"Master Technology" implies that you must learn lots and work hard to catch up with the latest development of technological science to be a professional engineer. Of course, our faculty will provide with various excellent lectures and training programs on the advanced science and technology. I would like you to absorb them in a proactive manner. This is master technology.

"Create Technology" requires more to you. "Create Technology" is a self-sustained activity to open up a cutting edge stage of the development of technology. It is important to be ready always to challenge to solve things unknown. Your own dream or ambition will be an important driving force towards creativity.
Today creativity seems to be particularly important. There are many difficult issues facing us, mankind at global level such as energy, environmental, water, sanitation problems among them, which will not be solved only by our known knowledge and technology. We have to develop novel science and technology with our creativity to solve current difficult global issues, and obviously you are expected to foster your creativity during your graduate program.

Please do your best in the graduate program keeping in mind "Master Technological Science, Create Technological Science".

I addition I would like to mention that we are now promoting a new program to open more our university to the rest of the world. Globalization is a very important key word for the new era. We are going to introduce Super Global Program in which bilingual lecture program is introduced. New dormitory where students learn multi-cultural way of life broke ground. Through the new program, the ratio of non-Japanese speakers in the campus is expected to increase. You are expected to play more important role to change our university towards the new direction, which is globalization.

Finally, in addition to your study on technology, I hope you will learn lots about Japan during your stay here. That makes your life in Toyohashi more pleasant, enjoyable and fruitful. Also, if you meet any difficulties, don't hesitate to contact our faculty and staff who have enough experience to support foreign students.
I would like to conclude my speech with saying again, Congratulation to you and I wish your productive and enjoyable life in Toyohashi.

Thank you for your attention.

Entrance CeremonyEntrance Ceremony

President Takashi OnishiPresident Takashi Onishi

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