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Top high school students from Asia invited to TUT

05 Jul 2016

Toyohashi Tech - High School Students Invitation Program 2016 was held from June 26th to July 3rd. 25 students and 9 teachers, representing 9 high schools from Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Thailand, and Vietnam were invited to join a program at Toyohashi University of Technology (TUT, Toyohashi Tech).

This kind of program, inviting high school students from Asian countries to visit our university in order to promote study abroad in Japan, represented a first for TUT. The schools we invited are all top-level high schools that typically send many graduates to study abroad. The students themselves were all candidates for the first crop of students to join our upcoming new "Global Technology Architect Course", which launches in April 2017.

Their plan had many experiences: research activities and campus life in TUT, Japanese culture, a courtesy call on Toyohashi city hall, and an exchange meeting with Japanese high school students in Toyohashi.
Furthermore, they had the chance to greet Professor Akira Suzuki, a Nobel prize winner in 2010, who visited TUT for a special lecture at that time.

TUT will continue to enhance this program so as to promote our university in Asia, and to increase the intake of international high school graduates to study technology at TUT in Japan.




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