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Entrance Ceremony for the academic year 2016

08 Apr 2016

Entrance Ceremony for the Academic Year 2016 was held at AI PLAZA Toyohashi (Toyohashi Labor and Welfare Hall) on 4 April, total 463 Bachelor Course Students (90 B1 students and 373 B3 students), 397 Master's course students, and 17 Doctoral Course Students, including both Japanese and International students, were admitted to Toyohashi University of Technology.

Mostly from Japanese Technical College (Kosen), the university welcomed 24 international students. New comers are from China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Laos and Vietnam.

They had a busy day in attending the Entrance Ceremony, orientation and welcome party for International students.

160405nyugaku1.jpgCeremony at AI PLAZA Toyohashi

160405nyugaku2.jpgPresident and the Representative of all new students

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